January 18, 2019

Mothers are the REAL Love Story…

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Mothers Nurture …

They care for and encourage their children. Good mothers nurture. If you didn’t have a good one, chances are she didn’t either. However, the Good News is it’s never too late to fix that. You can learn to nurture yourself and that’s what REAL love is… to care for and encourage yourself.

Are you worthy of being loved?

If you were raised in a home with parents who didn’t treat you like you mattered – you entered adulthood feeling like you weren’t worth loving. There was a time not so long ago when female children were not considered as valuable as male children because males could do more valuable work and they were stronger. This created a generation, or several generations of women who did not feel worthy of love because they weren’t loved properly. Most everyone knows now that all of God’s children are of equal value, but it took a long time to get here. All are worthy of being loved.

Loving yourself is not selfishness.

We almost got the whole REAL love picture when we were told to put our own oxygen mask on first in the airplane. We cannot love others if we don’t love ourselves, just like we can’t save them if we don’t save ourselves first. Until we can be kind, care for and encourage ourselves, we can’t REALLY love others. If I am impatient with myself, I will be impatient with you. If I can’t be merciful to me, I won’t show you any either. The bottom line is we can’t give away love we don’t have to give. We have to learn to love ourselves before we can love others, and it’s not selfish at all.

God said to love Him, yourself and others.

Mothers who know how to nurture themselves will nurture their children, and that’s the REAL love story here. We wish all the Moms a very happy Mother’s Day. Now go on and love yourself like God himself told you to!

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Mother’s Day it’s a REAL Love Story…

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Speedy Biscuits

Posted on April 24, 2018 by in Good Stuff, Recipes

Do you ever need biscuits in 10 minutes or less?

We’ve created the BEST scratch biscuit recipe ever in our opinion, take a look…

  • 1 cup flour

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise

  • 1/2 cup milk

Mix the dry ingredients, then add the wet ones. Shape with 2 spoons into 4 perfect “cathead” biscuits and drop onto a greased pan. Bake 15 minutes at 425 degrees. Recipe easily doubles too.

This is the very BEST recipe because…

  1. You can make them faster than your oven can preheat.

  2. You always have all the ingredients on hand.

  3. And they make perfect sandwich biscuits, they don’t crumble like normal drop biscuits do.

  4. *If you have self-rising flour on hand, it’s even easier!

    It literally takes less than 10 minutes to make these little jewels and they are some of the best homemade biscuits you’ll ever eat, we promise.

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Excellent Product!

Posted on April 17, 2018 by in Good Stuff

Have you tried brand after brand of CHORIZO sausage only to be disappointed? Well we’ve found a NEW one that is an excellent product!

Johnsonville makes brats, but now they have branched out and we think they have done so successfully. We’ve found this both in link form and ground form and both are good. We prefer the ground because although the product is excellent, it’s too strongly flavored to be eaten in sausage form for us. However, this is the BEST “Taco Soup” ingredient ever made in our opinion.

They have done all the hard work of getting the seasoning “just right” for us and all we do is add the rest of the ingredients. Kroger is the only place we have found it so far and it’s been in both the breakfast sausage/bacon location and in the link sausage case with the brats.  If you are tired of trying to find a good brand of chorizo, this stuff makes the best bowl of taco soup we’ve ever made.

Try it as soon as you can because I’m sure they are marketing it to see how well it sells and we want them to keep it on the shelves. It’s some really GOOD STUFF!


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I Can Only Imagine

Posted on April 4, 2018 by in Movie Reviews

Rating: A

*Our NEW Rating System: A is excellent, B is good and anything less than that doesn’t get talked about here, because there’s nothing good to say.

Audience: It says PG, but due to the violence involved, parents need to determine the age they want their children to be before they see what happens in the real world.

The Boss and I went to a movie that I didn’t have high hopes for. I thought it was a “chick flick” with a wonky name. I didn’t know anything about the movie like she did, so I was watching it slightly under duress and pleasantly surprised.

Now Showing: At your local cinemas.


The movie opens with a boy about age ten listening intently to his headphones in bed as the sounds of a domestic disturbance filter through the walls and fill his young mind with terror. The rock music playing on his cassette player date this event to be about 1985. His bedroom door is snatched open violently and there stands his unshaven drunken father filled with an alcohol induced rage and a broad belt looking for someone to quench his anger on by beating them into submission. The mother having had enough pain and suffering from this drunken abuser plans her escape. She takes the young boy to his first summer church youth camp and then abandons him there without his knowledge. He returned home a week later on a church bus and sees a U-Haul man loading up all his mother’s stuff and driving away. There is the cliché scene where the little boy chases the moving van down the dusty street and cries his eyes out for his mother.

As children of abusers often do – he learns to cope. You keep your mouth shut, do your chores and try not to do anything to anger the monster in the house. He also tries to do the one thing the monster cared about, FOOTBALL. Despite having some success on the gridiron, the monster (a past football legend in his own mind) is never satisfied with his effort. The teenager doubles his effort to satisfy the monster and is critically injured in practice and unable to continue in high school sports. Lacking sufficient credits to graduate high school because he was forced out of football, and possessing no other known gifts and talents, he tries out for the only open elective – the glee club. Being a macho jock (just like the monster) he tells the teacher he cannot sing, but he can run the audio equipment. She puts him to work as a stage hand. Lo and behold one day the boy is listening to his cassette player and singing along to a tune, and he has accidently left the public address system on. The teacher hears him sing. The die is cast. The movie shows his triumphs, his failures, and the mentors that help guide him along the way.

The young man keeps his faith in God throughout this arduous time.

This is all I’m going to say about this movie, except bring your tissues. If you are a survivor like I am, just rejoice in the ending and keep your faith in the forefront where it belongs, because God is good all the time.

Junior’s Boy

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Blooming… What Does It Really Mean?

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Join us this month as we look at all sorts of blooms and blooming!

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An Adorned Old Warhorse

Posted on March 23, 2018 by in Sittin' At The Gun Shop

Some people like to change and customize things. Most of the time I don’t fall into this category, but on this one particular pistol, I jumped off the deep end too. I floundered around a little, but not too much because I couldn’t afford to drown, (in debt that is). I’m talking about taking a box stock pistol and adding all of the bells and whistles to make it the crème de la cream of the day. It’s a bit of keeping up with the Jones you might say.

This Colt Combat Commander started life as a box stock Colt .45 acp caliber, four and a half inch barrel, single action bullet launcher perfectly capable of doing its job. When it came into my possession it had suffered some abuse. It had some surface rust and was in need of a good cleaning. Naturally, I took it to the gun shop and spoke with the shop’s gun cleaning guru, the manager named Frank.

While cleaning it up for me he said that it had good bones, but like a teenager on a diet of french fries, the skin was blemished. We talked and finally decided that the old warhorse would be sent off for what was called at the time a satin nickel finish, (now it’s called Colt Guard or matte finish). The older Colt single action semi-auto’s had a habit of skinning the hide off the web of my hand when fired, so I also added an extended beaver tail grip safety too.

As the photograph indicates the chosen grip safety doesn’t have the currently “in fad” speed bump on the lower part. It wasn’t known about or thought of way back then. The sights are fixed and squared off with a wide notch white outlined rear sight and a blaze orange ramp front sight. I had cut my fledgling law enforcement teeth on the N-frame and K-frame Smith and Wesson revolvers and had grown accustomed to this particular sight picture.

I think the brand name for these sights are Millet and they are probably still offered in their current catalog. I bought the finger groove hand filling stocks at the Pasadena Gun show a half decade later and felt that they gave me good control and they felt very natural in my hand. I shot the gun for many years and it would shoot better groups than I could ever muster with any other 1911. At combat distances it would make one ragged hole in the target with a steady hold and quality ammo.

Back in 1990 I was moved into the criminal investigation division and really fell hard for that type of work and the camaraderie of my fellow blood hounds. One thing about it bothered me though; we didn’t have a distinctive badge that identified us as detectives. We all had our regular issue badges that had the word PATROLMAN, emblazoned across the top.

Being somewhat of a trendsetter I went to the Blackington Badge Catalog and ordered what was called a mini-badge in the shape of my current badge with the State of Texas Seal and the department name and my badge number, but I had the title INVESTIGATOR put across the top. I believed this was more befitting a lawman of my stature and assignment.

When it came in I carried it in my wallet for several years. Within a few months after several inter-office memorandums between me and the CID sergeant, we got full size new badges approved for everyone. Many thanks to a great sack dragging detective, (who shall remain nameless) who found a citizen willing to foot the entire bill for the ten new gold tone expensive badges. We got our new shiny DETECTIVE badges that they still wear today because of the kindness of one man, who shall also remain nameless.

After I retired I went to the gun shop with this pistol because the Rampant Colt stock insert had come unglued. I also took the little investigator mini-badge with me to see Frank and asked him if he could carve out the wooden stocks enough to affix the little badge to them. He did it and it turned out to be an attractive addition in my opinion. Now the old warhorse is used as my training gun.

Once shooters that I’m working with get over their fear of recoil, I can train them with the old .45 quicker than anything else I own. They gain confidence quickly due to the higher hit probability and it just feels good in their hand. I hope you like the photograph, and just for your information I could have bought a brand new Colt Lightweight Commander for what it cost me to make these “custom” additions to this pistol. Oh wait, “I recently did just that”. Guess that will be another story.

Till then “shoot back first”, “make sure of your target”, and “may all of your groups be small”. And don’t forget to join the NRA to protect your gun rights.

Junior’s Boy


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This Much I Know… God is in Charge of the Seasons of our Lives

Posted on March 20, 2018 by in Letters to My Children

“Love never fails — never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end.” 1Cor 13:8 AMP

Be careful how you begin. With every new stage in your life – be sure you set it up like you want it. We are all creatures of habit. Whatever NEW patterns we establish, chances are they will become our NEW normal and we probably won’t change them again until another NEW season comes along.

Some seasons involve moving to a new town. Sometimes we are changing jobs, careers or retiring from them. We have seasons when we are in school or having babies and sometimes we’re doing both. Our nests empty, we go to war or sickness sometimes lingers and we go through seasons of grief, mourning and loss. All the big life changes require NEW set ups, NEW routines and sometimes they even come with NEW scenery! The only way to live your best life is to set it up with God’s wisdom.

Ask for help. He’s the only one who knows what your next BEST step needs to be and the only way you are going to find out is to ask Him. You can just wing it on your own, but you’ll just be wasting your time. Eventually you will get so lost you’ll wind up giving up and asking Him for help anyway. Don’t wait until after you’ve created some big mess in your life to ask for direction. He created the season you are in for a reason. Lay down your ego at the beginning of each NEW season and you’ll save yourself a whole lot of trouble.

The object is to get the most out of each season and to bloom. Find out what you are there for and go after it! Blooming requires many, many seasons for us to become fully developed. And that’s what He’s after.

Lynn Dale

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Later Bloomers

Posted on March 20, 2018 by in Book Reviews

If you’re over 35 and not where you want to be in life … we’ve found the book for you!

This book chronicles the lives of people you have heard of (Susan Boyle, James Michener, Ina Garten…) and many you probably haven’t heard of, but who did fascinating things with their gifts and talents.  

If you find it amazing to learn what people do in their lives before they “make it”, this book will be great encouragement for you. The author is a late bloomer herself, so she knows what she is talking about firsthand. This book is available on Amazon in Kindle format only right HERE for the ridiculously LOW price of $2.99.

Does a story about a 92-year-old grandma running a marathon make your day? That’s the kind of good news that makes us happy, so we believe Later Bloomers is a really GOOD READ.

Other Reader’s Reviews

Pat Lockwood said: Very encouraging.

Rich McClure said: Every time I tried to take a break from reading I found myself coming back within minutes. I found this book very engaging and inspiring. I’ve often felt a creative pull, but I’ve been discouraged from following my dreams. Now I plan to follow my dreams while keeping my day job which I also enjoy. Who knows, maybe I’m destined to be the next late bloomer!

From the Author

“I want everyone to realize that creativity has no use-by date, that if we’re lucky and take care, our best years are ahead. I want to honor the hundreds of inspiring people who’ve proven this and I want to create an anthology of timeless profiles. I have learned that blooming is a life-long pursuit and creativity never gets old.

Look forward to the Second Edition soon!”  Debra Eve


Later BloomersP. S. If you would like to get in on the author’s encouraging Newsletter in which she shares her “latest finds” CLICK HERE and sign up, it’s very encouraging as well.

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The Way Back

Posted on March 13, 2018 by in Movie Reviews

Rating: A-

*Our NEW Rating System: A is excellent, B is good and anything less than that doesn’t get talked about here, because there’s nothing good to say.

Audience: Adults only.

There are very adult themes in this movie, savagery, political persecution, murder, friendship, love, and honor. It is not for the faint of heart or squeamish.

“FREEDOM is NEVER FREE” is the main theme of this movie and it shows that REAL men will die trying to stand up on free ground, rather than survive on bent knees in a mad man’s prison.

This movie begins at a terrible gulag (prison camp) in Stalin’s Soviet Union. The main character is a new fish (convict) just learning to tread water in a shark infested pond. He learns a few things from the old cons around him and slowly forms necessary alliances. Not friendships mind you, (these people would murder you in your sleep for a pork chop), but alliances that might help him escape the frozen hell-hole. The Siberian gulag is surrounded by 2000 square miles of snow, frozen ground, and plenty of locals that would turn them in for the bounty paid for escaping prisoners.

Unbelievable hardships plague the escapees during the cross country trek and death stalks their every step. One can pick out the reasons that we now call the men and women of this era the greatest generation. The scenery in this movie is breathtaking, but it’s extremely dangerous for even for the hardiest of them.

The movie ends well and their trip was well worth it.

Junior’s Boy

Showing: Now showing on Netflix.

Starring: Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Colin Ferrell and Saoirse Ronan.


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