February 22, 2018

The Way Things Were Back Then…

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In my long and storied past there have been many a handgun come and go, but there is one I deeply regret no longer owning. It’s the fabled Smith and Wesson Model #27 .357 magnum revolver. It was a beautiful bright blue N-framed powerhouse with a five inch barrel. I loved it.

It had a serrated target trigger and the extra wide target hammer, with a white outlined adjustable rear sight and a blaze orange ramped front sight. The bluing was deep and rich and looked as if it was always coated with a fine sheen of oil. On the top of the back strap there was some fine stippling to break up glare along the sighting plane. There were lines machined into the top of the barrel that also served to prevent glare. The stocks were the hand filling deep rich wood variety with the gold colored S & W emblem inset near the center.

At the time, this revolver was the Cadillac of the Smith and Wesson line. I was a big fan of the Dirty Harry movies and considered them to be my training films. In the movies Harry Callahan carried the infamous Model #29, 44 magnum with a 6 1/2 inch barrel. I didn’t feel like I could handle that much gun at that time, so I opted for the shorter barrel, but needless to say that five inch barrel was going to cause me many problems.

No one, I repeat with gusto, NO ONE had a holster that would fit this gun, it was such an odd duck. The model #27 could be ordered with a 3″ – 4″ – 5″ – 6 1/2″ and an 8 3/8″ barrel. There were many N-framed holsters for a four inch barrel around that met my needs, but absolutely none for the five inch version. I finally found a black swivel holster that the big gun would fit in, or so I thought.

This swivel holster attached to your gun-belt in the normal fashion and then reinforced leather went down a ways to a metal swivel. Below the swivel was a holster that had a leather strap that is supposed to hold the gun in the holster. I had seen all the TV shows like Adam-12 and I just knew that the LA police department used this style of a holster and if it worked for them, it would work for me.

So I went to work the next day and immediately realized there was a problem. Wearing a holster that held the handgun below your waist line made your weight press the weapon into your leg. This made for a most uncomfortable ride in the patrol car all day. Not long after I got the holster I was out of my patrol car pushing a stalled car out of the road when my beautiful new gun fell out of it and made a sickening sound as it skidded across the blacktop, scarring it forever.

The next day I called F-15 (a police supply house in Houston) and ordered a high rise, lined holster with a thumb break for the model #27. Although I never fired this particular gun, I carried it on duty at all times. (It’s hard to believe now that we didn’t train with our weapons at all back then.)

I was careful to wipe it down every day to keep it from rusting. Eventually though it started to show signs of rust on the back-strap. Being a neophyte I had failed to remove the stocks and apply gun oil to the frame and grip area, so rust abounded there. I cleaned it up and vowed never to forget that area of cleaning again.

Hoover Info

This Model #27 helped me make my first felony arrest.

It was a hot summer day and I was in my patrol car parked under a large oak tree in the parking lot of the Red Barn. For you local folks you’ll remember that the Red Barn was a large dance hall located in Kemah on Highway 146. The oak tree is still there, but the Red Barn is long gone and has been replaced by a Texas First Bank building. I was about twenty at the time and I had written lots of traffic tickets and made a few misdemeanor arrests, but never a felony.

Anyway, as I was watching traffic a car came south from the Seabrook side and made a quick right turn onto FM 518. Now I had my radar set up on FM 518 and the posted speed limit was 45 miles per hour. I watched the numbers on the digital display rise quickly and when it reached 59, I locked it on the screen. I started the patrol unit, (a Ford LTD II) and activated my overhead lights and siren and began chasing this speeder down.

The overhead lights on this old Ford were of the chain driven cherries type. That means that one side had an electric motor that drove a bicycle chain that rotated the light on the other side of the car. I used the chrome exterior of the spotlight to check and make sure that the lights were rotating, because sometimes only one side rotated. Sure enough the driver’s side wasn’t rotating, so I reached up with my left hand and gave it a sharp whack. Now remember, I was chasing a speeder in a marked patrol car doing about 70 mph and having to reach my hand out of the window and whack the light bar to make it rotate, so the speeder could see it. This was multitasking long before it was popular to do so.

I whacked it several times and it started working, so I focused my attention back on the targeted speeder. He drove down FM 518 towards a curve in the road. On one side there was a paved road and on the other side of the intersection there was a gravel driveway. I was reaching down to grab the microphone to check out on the radio when the Seabrook dispatcher started broadcasting a BOLO.

She described the vehicle and gave the license plate number. Excitedly, I got on the radio and said, “243 Seabrook, I got it, I got it”! I caught my breath and told her that I was in pursuit of the wanted vehicle and that I was headed west on FM 518 headed towards League City. She said that the suspect was a white male that had just stolen a purse containing a lot of money from a parked car on the Seabrook side. All this happened within a few seconds.

My adrenalin was very high at this point to say the least. The suspect vehicle made a hard right turn into the long gravel driveway, trying to elude me. Gravel and dust was flying everywhere and the driveway ended in the front yard of a home about a quarter mile from the paved FM road.

The suspect stopped his car and I slid my patrol unit in behind him in my best Hollywood slide and swung open the driver’s side door. Keeping my feet inside of the car I pulled out the big Model #27 and in a very loud voice explained that if his didn’t stop that I was going to remove his head from his body with the big gun.

Apparently he had seen some Dirty Harry too, because he immediately stopped and laid down on the ground. Before I even got out of the car I grabbed the radio and made sure that Seabrook knew where I was at and requested a back up unit.

I approached the prone suspect and repeated my instructions that he not move. To emphasize my instructions, I thumb cocked the double action behemoth revolver into the single action mode just like I had seen Harry Callahan do so many times. Anyway I got the frightened suspect handcuffed and stuffed into the back seat of my patrol car.

I returned to the suspect vehicle and I saw the purse he had stolen laying there on the back seat. I secured the purse and waited for the Seabrook police to arrive on the scene. Once they arrived I turned the suspect, the stolen purse, and the suspect vehicle over to them. I noted the incident in my patrol log and went out to catch more speeders.

The next day I got called into the Captain’s office. He told me that I should have searched the suspect’s vehicle. Seabrook PD found stolen items from eight home burglaries, over twenty pounds of marijuana, and three stolen guns. He asked me why I didn’t search the car. I told him that it was a Seabrook wanted vehicle and as far as I knew it hadn’t committed any crimes in Kemah.

He knew that I hadn’t yet been to the police academy at that time, so he wrote my actions off to inexperience. Later though, the wise old Chief of Police approached me and he said that what I did was exactly what he would have done in the same situation and that made me feel a little better. (Again, hard to believe you could go out and imitate Dirty Harry without ever having been professionally trained at all.)

As the rust on the grip handle of the Model #27 increased, my desire for something better grew too. Within a few months Smith and Wesson released a Model #66 stainless steel K-framed .357 magnum revolver. The Model #27 along with some hard earned extra job money to boot bought me a new rust resistant sidearm.

In my opinion the Model #27 of that era is on par with the Colt python. That’s another story that I’ll share with you in the future. Till next time, shoot straight, shoot often, and support the NRA to protect your 2nd amendment rights to bear arms.

Junior’s Boy

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Winter Wonderland

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Welcome to our Winter Wonderland edition.

“Please share it with anyone you know who may need some cheer this time of year.”

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A Whole World of GOODNESS Still Exists

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GOODNESS is all around us, we just have to focus in on it.

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Stolen Jesus

Posted on October 23, 2017 by in Book Reviews

Jami Amerine starts the book out with such a heartfelt statement that you can’t help but be drawn in, because there but by the Grace of God go all of us.

“Let me assure you, I am a disaster. I have some inadequate parenting stories (not bad as in Child Welfare bad, but certainly not Mom of the Year stories), some of which I will share with you in the coming pages.

There are crayon drawings on my walls. There are currently four basketfuls of laundry on the dining room table and a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink. Some days I make beautiful meals, and lots of other days we get take out. Sometimes it’s McDonald’s.

I can’t be your hero or teacher – no one would want a hero who was such a hot mess. On the bright side, at least you won’t be distracted from the goal of coming face-to-face with Jesus Christ.”

See our excerpt in the magazine HERE.

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Life’s Big Adventure!

Posted on October 17, 2017 by in The View From Here

My daughter has always wanted me to write about my life. She even went so far as to buy me a Hallmark legacy book to fill out. I donated it. There was nothing good I could think of to put in it and I’m not interested in writing down all the bad like some do to heal their wounds. My wounds are healed for the most  part  and  re-hashing  them  isn’t going to give her the warm and fuzzy feeling about her parents that I think she was seeking.

But now…
Now that we have set out on this NEW adventure, I feel differently. I don’t want to forget or miss a minute of it – so writing it down might just be a really good idea!

We    took    off    yesterday, Monday   morning,   and   headed   to our  first  reservation  in Columbus, Texas.  The  campsite  located  along the Colorado river is a very welcome sight for us. We were camping here when we originally hatched this idea of camping our way across America. Today,  we  intend  to  finally get to head to Camping World and buy a  few  things.  I’m  wanting to  check out their 3 wheel bikes and he wants some  scissor  jacks  to  help  with  the leveling. I personally think we need to buy a NEW level.

We both  thought  the  trailer  was leaning a little when we parked it yesterday, but the level said it was only about a half of an inch off. We thought we could live with it. Today, even a drunk could see it’s leaning way over like a boat on it’s side and I’m sure everyone in the park is laughing at the newbies.

This  morning  has  already  been pretty  exciting  –  the  fire  alarm  went  off right after I put shampoo in my hair in the shower.  I  thought  it  was  a  fantastic  idea to light my NEW autumn scented candle while I had the whole house to myself for the first time. So much for a little “quiet” time. And  yes,  it  did  finally  re-set  itself while I was furiously hurrying to get out!
By  the  way,  yesterday  we  also took our first REAL hike since becoming fulltime RVers. We had to take a shortcut across the neighbor’s grass to get back, but we made it.  (Those people in the photo – that’s not us. They are just a great looking family  that  are  probably  about  30  years younger than us. We’re just a couple of old people, so don’t expect to see us here.) We didn’t  see  any  critters  on  the trail  at  all, which is why we went. That and to begin exercising so that we can hopefully make this big adventure last longer. We did see a herd of 7 deer cross right in front of us as we left our campsite for the hike though. The deer are one of  the many reasons we love this place. They graze right outside your window at all hours of the day and night. We even had 2 walk within 10 feet of our picnic table. And  that  buck  in  the  photo,  he’s  real. That’s the first buck I’ve ever seen in my life, so I had to get his photograph! IMG_0053

This is the story we want to tell and to remember about our lives. This is  our  happy  ending  and  we  want  to share it with you and with our kids. Not everyone gets the opportunity to do what we are doing and we know it. Perhaps you can live vicariously through us on our travels and maybe have a few laughs at our expense.
Until next month, we wish a very happy ending for your lives too.

The Professional Tourists


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I Like What I See

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I see your work.
You  have  to  work  if  you  want  to  eat,  but  it doesn’t have to be all drudgery like some people make it out to be. You don’t struggle much anymore and I’m glad about that. Labor is meant to be a precious gift even though  it  requires  effort.  It  is  honorable  to  earn  your keep and to provide for yourself and others.

I see your love.
It’s shining through. You may not feel like it is, but I can see it. You’re still trying too hard, but relaxation will come when you learn to lean on Me more. Love is not  always  the  easy  choice, but  it  is  always  the  right choice.

I see what you are giving.
I know it seems like small amounts, but they all add up. You don’t realize how much you give in a day. You  also  don’t  realize  that  when  you  give  away, you must restock. That means having some fun, getting more rest and receiving more of My love to give away. You have to realize how much I love you. It’s not because you’re so good, because you’re not. I love you because I want to and even though you want to give more, you can’t unless you receive more.

I see the mercy you’ve shown.
You have to restock that too. I see your mistakes, i.e. (I know what you did last summer and yesterday). Every time you even think about staying mad, remember I forgave you. I know it’s hard, but encourage yourself, I like what I see!


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I Have Made Up My Mind

Posted on October 17, 2017 by in Letters to My Children

I’m going to live the abundant life Jesus
died for me to have.

My  parents  lived  a  miserable life.  They  were  always  mad,  sad  or complaining  about
something.  I  don’t remember  ever  seeing  them  happy.  I don’t  know  if  they  were  saved  or
not, but they sure didn’t act like it and it’s too late to ask. When I got cancer (back when it was an
automatic death sentence) I made up my mind I would finish my life differently than they did

I made a promise to God that if He would give me the chance, I would seek Him until I had the
abundant life He promised us all, the one that they never got.

I backslide from time to time – but I keep pressing on. I’m determined that I’m going to have it,
live it, share it and shout it from the rooftops for the rest of my life. His sacrifice will not be
in vain for me. Jesus paid a high price for me  to  have  it…  and  to  me  it  would  be  a slap
in his face for me not to enjoy it.

My  life  is  not  all  peaches  and cream, but the joy, peace and love that my parents  never 
had,  I  do  have.  I  probably have  it  because  I  made mind  to believe it was available.

Lynn Dale


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PRIORITIES… What is REALLY Important?

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Download PRIORITIES here.

Hard times make us prioritize our lives.

Join us this month as we explore what is REALLY important in life.

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Having a BAD day? Here’s some help…

Posted on September 14, 2017 by in Sunny Side UP


So here we are… today is suddenly not so GOOD.

I don’t want to do all that I need to do. I don’t feel all that great and I’d really rather just forget about everything and take a nap. This happens to all of us… from time to time. We all have days that for whatever reason we either just get up feeling this way or we all of the sudden get depressed, in a crappy mood or just start having a bad attitude.

What about our Christianity now?

What are we supposed to do when this happens Lord?

You are doing it. You turn to Me. Turn away from your mood, your problems and even your bad attitude. Just ignore it all and pay attention to Me and Me alone. Are you feeling My peace return? Look harder until it does. Do you see the joy that looking at Me brings? You really have nothing to worry about anyway, I’ve got this. I’ve got your whole life in the palm of my hand.

Think about it… whatever is wrong, I can fix it.

The trick is to stop focusing on the problem and focus on Me. The problem, whatever it is, then has to take a back seat.

  • In pain… look at Me.

  • In trouble… look at Me.

  • Worried… look at Me.

  • In a bad mood… look at Me.

I fix everything. I have overcome the world. Look at Me, talk to Me and thank Me, because whatever it is… I’m aware of it and I’ve got it all under control.

Look at Me…

I am in everything that is beautiful.

Listen to music or look at creation. Hear Me in laughter. See My face in the eyes of a child. Look for Me, I am everywhere. See Me in art, flowers, food and sunsets. Look at Me anytime you get in a bad mood. I am the answer to every problem you will ever have.

Think about Me, not yourself.

You always have a choice to make…

Go back to thinking about how you feel OR obey Me and keep your focus on Me. I will take good care of you as I promised, but you have to do what I tell you to do.

Follow Me.

Train yourself to look at Me when you are having a bad day. It’s called discipline, it’s a GOOD thing I created for you and it will help you!

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GOOD Does Come

Posted on September 14, 2017 by in Letters to My Children

Today as we live in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, I am reminded GOOD does come.


With all of the suffering and loss – GOOD does come, I promise. Every single horrible thing I have endured in my life has at some point brought good with it. Cancer and various losses come to mind, as well as Sept 11th of course.

I made many changes in my life (GOOD changes) as a result of all of those and many other tragedies. Hard times really do make the GOOD TIMES seem even better.

So don’t despair – whatever your current problem is…

Eventually you will see GOOD come out of it one way or another, because eventually GOOD always does come.



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