April 21, 2018

Wind River

Posted on February 12, 2018 by in Movie Reviews

Rating: B+

*Our NEW Rating System: A is excellent, B is good and anything less than that doesn’t get talked about here, because there’s nothing good to say.

Audience: *Adults only, graphic violence, language, death scenes, etc.

The movie begins with a young Native American Arapaho Indian girl running through the snow. You can tell by the intensity of her frantic breathing, the speed of her running and the look on her face that she is running for her life. And you can tell that this isn’t going to end well for her. The next scene is a small flock of goats being stalked by a trio of wolves and just as one of them heads toward the innocent young goats, a sharp crack rings out. This is a metaphor of things to come. Two of the wolves go down and then you see the shooter, clad in a white winter hunting suit laying prone in the snow.

He’s holding a sniper rifle that any Delta Force tier one operator would be comfortable using in battle. You can’t tell at this point if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. It turns out that he is a Wildlife Officer working for the State of Wyoming. Next, he finds the corpse of the Indian girl and he’s visibly moved by her death for a reason that becomes clear later in the movie.

A grizzled old reservation Chief of Police is called to the scene and he explains that he doesn’t have jurisdiction in murder cases on the reservation. He will have to call the FBI to investigate this murder and as if on cue – a blizzard starts dumping snow on the crime scene. The Police Chief says he can’t move the body until the FBI gives their approval, so they go to the station to wait and watch the snow fall. A new Chevy Tahoe drives up and a very young, blonde, white female in a lightweight FBI windbreaker jumps out.

The chief, the wildlife officer (WLO), and a local hanger on look at each other in total disbelief. The attractive twenty something agent asks them to be taken to the crime scene to view the corpse. The WLO explains to her that the crime scene is about five miles away by snowmobile and she would likely freeze to death before they got there. The petite young agent is loaned a winter snowsuit and the investigation continues in a normal manner, however the weather and the remoteness of the area continue to be big factors that normal crime scenes don’t have.

This as far as I’m comfortable taking you in this story, but of you like a good murder mystery coupled with beautiful scenery, this is a movie you should watch.

Junior’s Boy

Showing: At a Redbox kiosk near you.

Starring: Elizabeth Olsen as FBI Agent Jane Banner and Jeremy Renner as WLO Cody Lambert.

The Wind River Indian reservation really exists in Wyoming. It is home to members of the Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribe. It’s a beautiful and wild mountainous area, but for the indigenous Native American people it’s an unfenced prison without jobs, schooling, or any hope. What they do have in abundance is drugs, crime, death, snow and silence.

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There is a new thrill ride in town for all of you first responder junkies out there sitting on your couches, wishing you could go out and save the world. It’s called appropriately enough 911.

This series is not the same old cop and fireman show like Adam 12 or Emergency of yesteryear…

It starts when the phone call comes into the 911 center, (answered by the gorgeous red head, Connie Britton) whose calm, soothing voice will do her very best to get you the help you need. Or explain how to do CPR to help keep your loved one alive till the paramedics arrive. Or if fire or rescue is the order of the day, she will dispatch the LAFD to quickly respond to your needs. They will race headlong into the breach to get you off of a wayward roller coaster or they can save your suicidal boyfriend who erroneously thinks you cheated on him and is threatening to jump off a seven story building.

There is plenty of LAFD eye candy for the ladies in this firehouse in the form of probationary firefighter Evan (Buck) Buckley (actor Oliver Stark). His habit of taking the fire truck apparatus out to woo the ladies without the fire captains permission is about to get him fired. I’m going to watch this guy just to see how many lovely ladies he entertains in each episode.

If evil is afoot and you need police help, the 911 operator calls the LAPD, who will respond to your scene ready to dispense justice swiftly! You are put into the capable hands of (Sgt. Athena Grant, played by veteran actress Angela Bassett). Athena is a dedicated professional cop who has a multitude of personal and family problems she’s dealing with. She goes from one crisis to another, solving them quickly and lawfully, most of the time. She has a secret that shocks everyone in episode two.

Running into burning buildings or towards gunshots while everyone else is running away takes a special kind of person. They are called heroes by many, but they just call themselves FIRST RESPONDERS. When you need them, they will come every time . Check your local listings for 911 on the Fox Network .

It’s looking like it’s going to be a pretty good little show.

Junior’s Boy

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Colt Anaconda (Snake Hunter)

Posted on February 7, 2018 by in Sittin' At The Gun Shop

“I hate snakes.” Snakes scare me. I don’t care what kind they are. I don’t care if they poisonous or not, good for rodent control, or even if they are kept as pets. Let’s be very clear on this point. I HATE SNAKES, all except one…

The snakes that are produced by Colt Manufacturing Company are fantastic. Somewhere down the line, some marketing salesperson decided that it would be catchy if they named their double action revolvers after snakes. This is the only kind of snakes I can readily accept, and I’m actually very fond of them. I wear the title of {snake hunter} with pride. My kind of snake hunting is extremely expensive though.

Colt stopped normal production runs of their double action revolvers in 1999. A few “new in box” samples still exist, but a second mortgage on the homestead is normally required to pay the cost for these highly collectable examples of American craftsmanship. The Colt Anaconda is a large framed double action revolver first introduced by the Colt manufacturing company in 1990. It was available in two calibers, .44 magnum and .45 Colt. The .45 Colt calibers were released in lesser numbers and it’s now the most rare and collectable of the two calibers. Manufactured only in stainless steel, Colt broke with standing tradition and never offered the Anaconda in blued or nickeled versions. The Anaconda was built on an entirely new and heavier Colt frame, called the AA frame.

The purpose of this new heavy revolver was to compete with the venerable Smith and Wesson Model #29 .44 magnum (double action revolver), the Ruger Redhawk .44 magnum (double action revolver), the Ruger Blackhawk .44 magnum (single action revolver), as well as several lesser known .44 magnum hand cannons offered by various other manufactures at the time. Handgun hunting as well as long range metallic silhouette shooting was in vogue at the time. The focus market niche for the Anaconda was sports enthusiasts’ shooters and hunters, as the weighty revolver was quite heavy and not something any but the “most hearty” law enforcement officers wanted to wear around their waist all day long.

The Anaconda is in my opinion a very beautiful gun. It resembles a marriage between a Colt King Cobra and the highly regarded and prized Colt Python. The vent rib along the top of the barrel (ala the Colt Python) in my opinion adds so much class to this revolver that it becomes a piece of sculpture. Without it there would no art form to it and it would be just another big heavy .44 magnum.

It was offered in four, six, and eight inch versions, and came in what’s call a matte stainless steel finish and an ultra bright stainless steel finish. The ultra bright is merely a highly hand polished version of the aforementioned, and it’s so bright and expensive not many who paid for that option actually shot the weapon for fear of marring the finish.


Another highly desirable option on this huge snake was the factory Mag-na-ported barrels. This means that near the muzzle of the barrel two cuts were made (generally trapezoids) in the barrel to allow gas from the burnt gunpowder to vent upwards thus holding the front of the barrel down during firing to reduce muzzle flip. (See photo at right.) While this is a highly desirable option on hard kicking hunting or sports oriented handguns, when discharged in a dark environment it could cause temporary loss of night vision to a law enforcement officer in a firefight. So, unless you are willing to practice shooting in the dark a lot, it’s not something I’d recommend as a self defense handgun.

My particular Anaconda is a four inch barrel version, .44 magnum with the factory Mag-na-ported barrel. It has the solid black Elliason fully adjustable rear sight, as well as a double pinned ramped black front sight. The trigger is the smooth combat variety, while the hammer is thoroughly stippled in case one wanted to cock it for a single action shot. It has the rubber Colt finger groove grips to absorb recoil, and the Rampant Colt emblem is on both sides.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve resisted the temptation to shoot my Colts because they say it reduces their value when it comes time to sell, but I just couldn’t resist shooting this Anaconda. One day I had the Boss, the #1 daughter, and her new husband with me and we went to the woods. I brought along a box of .44 magnum hand loads and set up some tin cans about fifteen yards away.

The cans were all lined up on a two by four sitting on a stump and firing single action, I made six in a row fly through the air with the greatest of ease. The recoil and muzzle flip was so manageable that I let my #1 daughter shoot a cylinder full, and she thought it was great. You could tell the revolver was way too heavy for her by the way she held it, but she said the recoil was nothing compared to what she thought it would be.

Then the Boss got involved and instead of being the shooter, I was reduced to being the new target setter. The Boss is a highly trained shooter, but the most powerful handgun she has ever fired was a .45acp Colt Combat Commander. She fired four rounds and hit the target every time. She had two rounds left and I challenged her. I told her if she could shoot one can two times before it stopped moving, she could be called top shot for the day. Naturally she chose the largest tin can to shoot, and sure enough she fired the first shot single action to send the can up in the air and pulled off a double action round to hit it again before it stopped moving.

I never dreamed she could do it with the Anaconda, but I guess the mild hand loads, the Mag-na-ported barrel, and her choosing the largest can made it happen for her. I had to listen to her verbally replay her feat of shooting skill all the way home. It was a long ride.

Until next time, shoot often, practice with an eye towards perfection, focus on the front sight, squeeze the trigger (don’t jerk it), and remember to join the NRA to protect your gun rights.

Junior’s Boy

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The “SECRET” to life is so simple…

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I spent the first 58 years of my life trying to find the “SECRET” to life…

I thought I had found it so many, many times with each and every epiphany or aha moment I had. Each time I thought I had finally uncovered the “SECRET” missing piece in the puzzle of life and now things would finally get better. And I would feel good – for a day or two. Then I would ease back into real life and dirty laundry and forget all about the pearl of wisdom I had just learned.

This happened hundreds, probably thousands of times before one day I realized how simple the secret was…

The big “SECRET” is simply love. It’s so simple. It’s right there in front of us and we miss it. Jesus gave us the one commandment that would make life work for us… “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:30-31

It’s said to make the world go round, because it does. Love is the only true power there is. Money, influence, and fame are but tiny, tiny things when compared to love – real love.

What is money? Here today, gone tomorrow, but love – that’s a big deal!

Love will take you places money can’t buy. Love will make you feel like a million bucks even if you don’t have two nickels to rub together. Most people will never see a million dollars, but everyone – absolutely everyone can give and recieve love. That’s the big “SECRET”.

I will never take my eyes off of love again, because it’s what makes life worth living. It’s so simple kids – please don’t miss it.

Lynn Dale

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Spreading LOVE

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What better graphic for love than the Eifel Tower?

Spreading the Good News this year is about spreading love.

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12 Strong

Posted on January 26, 2018 by in Movie Reviews

It’s a rip roaring war movie for the new millennium.

Like the star studded powerhouse movie “The Longest Day” did for the greatest generation, this movie represents and depicts the best in today’s American youth.

After all… old men start wars while young men fight them.

This movie occurs shortly after the attack on the World Trade Centers. Members of a peacetime green beret team get the news of the attacks in various ways and you can see through the expressions on their faces as they change into warrior mode. They all want to be the “Tip of the Spear” to get some payback on the people responsible for the 9-11 attacks. As members of this team prepare to deploy and say goodbye to there various loved ones, one of them explains that a soldier has two families, one you say goodbye to and one you fight beside.

This team are the first American soldiers to land and fight in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. Their mission is to locate, capture, and/or kill the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks. They are sent to enlist the aid and friendship of members of the militia Northern Alliance tribe. Relationship problems beset the team from the outset, but fortunately there is a short little man from the CIA on scene to calm things down with full duffle bags of American money.

The mission continues with plenty of small arms fire, tanks, and B-52 bombers pulverizing the Taliban. There are several unsung hero’s in this movie, but I don’t want ruin the movie plot by telling you who they are. The highly trained modern soldiers are forced by circumstances to ride horses into battle against Soviet era tanks. Only one was a skilled rider, so he was faced with all of the usual challenges for newbie horsemen.

Heroes are men facing impossible circumstances and successfully prevailing despite incredible odds, and that is the whole message of this movie.

This was an excellent war movie.

Junior’s Boy

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If You’re Suffering – Try This!

Posted on January 18, 2018 by in Good Stuff

If you have arthritis – this is an awesome product…

It is a topical product that is supposedly safe for even 12 year olds that actually works great! My daughter uses it too and loves it. She likes the fact that it has no scent like some joint creams do. “Even though my body feels like I’m 90 sometimes, I don’t have to smell like it!”

Google it yourself to investigate it like we did or just ORDER it… if you happen to be one of the few people that it doesn’t work for the money back guarantee means you haven’t lost anything for giving it a try.

It can be purchased online from Amazon or at your local drug store.

This is not an advertisement, it’s a review of a product that works.

It’s a good find!

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Awesome Pie Crust

Posted on January 17, 2018 by in Good Stuff

We found the deal of the day – it’s awesome pie crust from Aldi.

We are talking about better pie crust than some bakers can make for 69 cents a piece! That’s right, we paid $1.38 for a package of two refrigerated ready made pie crusts and it’s BETTER than name brand.

It’s BETTER than any I personally can make. I don’t know what they do differently, but this is like no other pie crust we’ve ever used. It was really flaky, clean (no excess flour), perfectly pliable and delicious! The only downside we’ve found is that it’s apparently only available a few months a year around the holidays.  So you better rush out and get you some before they are all gone.

Great product!

Pie Crust


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There are problems… constantly.

Posted on January 16, 2018 by in Letters to My Children

Things break, sickness happens and money runs out. We get diseases and we hurt and things don’t go as we planned. It’s always something!

Something that we don’t like. Something we’ve been trying to change that never seems to be getting any better. And if it’s not something happening to us – it’s happening to those we love. Life happens and it’s not all GOOD STUFF. People won’t always get along, they will get sick and times won’t always be good, but most of life is good. Far more good happens than bad.

Learn this. There are parts that hurt… a lot of them.

This is what trials and tribulations look like. They are the problems that happen in our lives and the sooner you figure this out, the better off you’re going to be. Once you figure out that life consists of peaks and valleys, you can go forward bravely.

When you know there will always be something going on you don’t like – everything becomes okay.

It’s your new normal and it doesn’t bother you anymore for the most part. That’s why Jesus said, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33King James Version (KJV) We are told to cheer up because it really is alright. This (whatever it is) will pass and we need not let it bother us too much because we know the end of the story – and it works out pretty well for us.

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The Way Things Were Back Then…

Posted on January 9, 2018 by in Sittin' At The Gun Shop

In my long and storied past there have been many a handgun come and go, but there is one I deeply regret no longer owning. It’s the fabled Smith and Wesson Model #27 .357 magnum revolver. It was a beautiful bright blue N-framed powerhouse with a five inch barrel. I loved it.

It had a serrated target trigger and the extra wide target hammer, with a white outlined adjustable rear sight and a blaze orange ramped front sight. The bluing was deep and rich and looked as if it was always coated with a fine sheen of oil. On the top of the back strap there was some fine stippling to break up glare along the sighting plane. There were lines machined into the top of the barrel that also served to prevent glare. The stocks were the hand filling deep rich wood variety with the gold colored S & W emblem inset near the center.

At the time, this revolver was the Cadillac of the Smith and Wesson line. I was a big fan of the Dirty Harry movies and considered them to be my training films. In the movies Harry Callahan carried the infamous Model #29, 44 magnum with a 6 1/2 inch barrel. I didn’t feel like I could handle that much gun at that time, so I opted for the shorter barrel, but needless to say that five inch barrel was going to cause me many problems.

No one, I repeat with gusto, NO ONE had a holster that would fit this gun, it was such an odd duck. The model #27 could be ordered with a 3″ – 4″ – 5″ – 6 1/2″ and an 8 3/8″ barrel. There were many N-framed holsters for a four inch barrel around that met my needs, but absolutely none for the five inch version. I finally found a black swivel holster that the big gun would fit in, or so I thought.

This swivel holster attached to your gun-belt in the normal fashion and then reinforced leather went down a ways to a metal swivel. Below the swivel was a holster that had a leather strap that is supposed to hold the gun in the holster. I had seen all the TV shows like Adam-12 and I just knew that the LA police department used this style of a holster and if it worked for them, it would work for me.

So I went to work the next day and immediately realized there was a problem. Wearing a holster that held the handgun below your waist line made your weight press the weapon into your leg. This made for a most uncomfortable ride in the patrol car all day. Not long after I got the holster I was out of my patrol car pushing a stalled car out of the road when my beautiful new gun fell out of it and made a sickening sound as it skidded across the blacktop, scarring it forever.

The next day I called F-15 (a police supply house in Houston) and ordered a high rise, lined holster with a thumb break for the model #27. Although I never fired this particular gun, I carried it on duty at all times. (It’s hard to believe now that we didn’t train with our weapons at all back then.)

I was careful to wipe it down every day to keep it from rusting. Eventually though it started to show signs of rust on the back-strap. Being a neophyte I had failed to remove the stocks and apply gun oil to the frame and grip area, so rust abounded there. I cleaned it up and vowed never to forget that area of cleaning again.

Hoover Info

This Model #27 helped me make my first felony arrest.

It was a hot summer day and I was in my patrol car parked under a large oak tree in the parking lot of the Red Barn. For you local folks you’ll remember that the Red Barn was a large dance hall located in Kemah on Highway 146. The oak tree is still there, but the Red Barn is long gone and has been replaced by a Texas First Bank building. I was about twenty at the time and I had written lots of traffic tickets and made a few misdemeanor arrests, but never a felony.

Anyway, as I was watching traffic a car came south from the Seabrook side and made a quick right turn onto FM 518. Now I had my radar set up on FM 518 and the posted speed limit was 45 miles per hour. I watched the numbers on the digital display rise quickly and when it reached 59, I locked it on the screen. I started the patrol unit, (a Ford LTD II) and activated my overhead lights and siren and began chasing this speeder down.

The overhead lights on this old Ford were of the chain driven cherries type. That means that one side had an electric motor that drove a bicycle chain that rotated the light on the other side of the car. I used the chrome exterior of the spotlight to check and make sure that the lights were rotating, because sometimes only one side rotated. Sure enough the driver’s side wasn’t rotating, so I reached up with my left hand and gave it a sharp whack. Now remember, I was chasing a speeder in a marked patrol car doing about 70 mph and having to reach my hand out of the window and whack the light bar to make it rotate, so the speeder could see it. This was multitasking long before it was popular to do so.

I whacked it several times and it started working, so I focused my attention back on the targeted speeder. He drove down FM 518 towards a curve in the road. On one side there was a paved road and on the other side of the intersection there was a gravel driveway. I was reaching down to grab the microphone to check out on the radio when the Seabrook dispatcher started broadcasting a BOLO.

She described the vehicle and gave the license plate number. Excitedly, I got on the radio and said, “243 Seabrook, I got it, I got it”! I caught my breath and told her that I was in pursuit of the wanted vehicle and that I was headed west on FM 518 headed towards League City. She said that the suspect was a white male that had just stolen a purse containing a lot of money from a parked car on the Seabrook side. All this happened within a few seconds.

My adrenalin was very high at this point to say the least. The suspect vehicle made a hard right turn into the long gravel driveway, trying to elude me. Gravel and dust was flying everywhere and the driveway ended in the front yard of a home about a quarter mile from the paved FM road.

The suspect stopped his car and I slid my patrol unit in behind him in my best Hollywood slide and swung open the driver’s side door. Keeping my feet inside of the car I pulled out the big Model #27 and in a very loud voice explained that if his didn’t stop that I was going to remove his head from his body with the big gun.

Apparently he had seen some Dirty Harry too, because he immediately stopped and laid down on the ground. Before I even got out of the car I grabbed the radio and made sure that Seabrook knew where I was at and requested a back up unit.

I approached the prone suspect and repeated my instructions that he not move. To emphasize my instructions, I thumb cocked the double action behemoth revolver into the single action mode just like I had seen Harry Callahan do so many times. Anyway I got the frightened suspect handcuffed and stuffed into the back seat of my patrol car.

I returned to the suspect vehicle and I saw the purse he had stolen laying there on the back seat. I secured the purse and waited for the Seabrook police to arrive on the scene. Once they arrived I turned the suspect, the stolen purse, and the suspect vehicle over to them. I noted the incident in my patrol log and went out to catch more speeders.

The next day I got called into the Captain’s office. He told me that I should have searched the suspect’s vehicle. Seabrook PD found stolen items from eight home burglaries, over twenty pounds of marijuana, and three stolen guns. He asked me why I didn’t search the car. I told him that it was a Seabrook wanted vehicle and as far as I knew it hadn’t committed any crimes in Kemah.

He knew that I hadn’t yet been to the police academy at that time, so he wrote my actions off to inexperience. Later though, the wise old Chief of Police approached me and he said that what I did was exactly what he would have done in the same situation and that made me feel a little better. (Again, hard to believe you could go out and imitate Dirty Harry without ever having been professionally trained at all.)

As the rust on the grip handle of the Model #27 increased, my desire for something better grew too. Within a few months Smith and Wesson released a Model #66 stainless steel K-framed .357 magnum revolver. The Model #27 along with some hard earned extra job money to boot bought me a new rust resistant sidearm.

In my opinion the Model #27 of that era is on par with the Colt python. That’s another story that I’ll share with you in the future. Till next time, shoot straight, shoot often, and support the NRA to protect your 2nd amendment rights to bear arms.

Junior’s Boy

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