January 18, 2019

Some days are harder than others…

Posted on October 29, 2018 by in Letters to My Children

It’s true, I have witnessed it many times.

Yesterday was fine and now today is all of the sudden more than you can bear. I can’t explain why, but I do know that it’s true, it happens and you need to be kind to yourself when it happens to you. That’s the best way to cope with those days and if you aren’t kind to yourself you may (have or cause yourself to have) two of them back to back, and that really sucks!

I’ve often wondered if we stay in messes longer than necessary just because we are such stubborn people. It seems like surrender always makes things so much easier in life, but back to the point…

The good book says we are never given more than we can handle, but hard days – times do seem to call for greater kindness I think. The harder the day, the kinder we need to be to ourselves. I’m not promoting drinking to my children, but I am saying that we should do whatever we can to be as nice to ourselves as we would be to others. It’s the Golden Rule used backwards and it works wonders!

Kindness is something that we intentionally do for other people, why shouldn’t we do it for ourselves too? Isn’t that what wine is promoted for these days? Our society pretty much claims wine is a cure for hard days. Is that anything more than being kind to yourself at the end of a hard day?

Lynn Dale

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This Much I Know… LOVE is Everything

Posted on May 11, 2018 by in Letters to My Children

Love is the right answer to everything, every problem and every question.

We are all looking for love, but it’s not what we think it is. It’s not sex or even attraction – it’s perfection. It’s God in our world. It’s everywhere we look, but it seems ephemeral. It seems like we are constantly reaching for it, trying to hold on to it and it keeps slipping away. We are all grasping after it and yet in reality it never leaves us – we are the ones that move on.

When my eyes are focused on love – all is right in my world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s God, a child, my spouse, some awesome food or just beautiful music… love is amazing! Love is more important than even wisdom. When I lose sight of love I automatically start focusing on fear, my problems, or how I feel, or what I’m going to do, where I’m going to go, all of my plans, etc. and I have lost sight of the most important thing – love. All the knowledge/wisdom in the world (1Corinthians 13:2) makes me nothing without love. And it makes us miserable.

Life will go on just as it always has regardless of what we focus on.

We are not in charge, He is. He said to love. He said it was the most important thing.

He knows what is best for the children He created. You would never leave your child

to fend for themselves. You would tell them what they need to do. He’s no different.

He has told us what to do, we just need to listen.

Lynn Dale



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This Much I Know… God is in Charge of the Seasons of our Lives

Posted on March 20, 2018 by in Letters to My Children

“Love never fails — never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end.” 1Cor 13:8 AMP

Be careful how you begin. With every new stage in your life – be sure you set it up like you want it. We are all creatures of habit. Whatever NEW patterns we establish, chances are they will become our NEW normal and we probably won’t change them again until another NEW season comes along.

Some seasons involve moving to a new town. Sometimes we are changing jobs, careers or retiring from them. We have seasons when we are in school or having babies and sometimes we’re doing both. Our nests empty, we go to war or sickness sometimes lingers and we go through seasons of grief, mourning and loss. All the big life changes require NEW set ups, NEW routines and sometimes they even come with NEW scenery! The only way to live your best life is to set it up with God’s wisdom.

Ask for help. He’s the only one who knows what your next BEST step needs to be and the only way you are going to find out is to ask Him. You can just wing it on your own, but you’ll just be wasting your time. Eventually you will get so lost you’ll wind up giving up and asking Him for help anyway. Don’t wait until after you’ve created some big mess in your life to ask for direction. He created the season you are in for a reason. Lay down your ego at the beginning of each NEW season and you’ll save yourself a whole lot of trouble.

The object is to get the most out of each season and to bloom. Find out what you are there for and go after it! Blooming requires many, many seasons for us to become fully developed. And that’s what He’s after.

Lynn Dale

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SIMPLE Childlike Faith vs Depression

Posted on February 22, 2018 by in Letters to My Children

Anytime you lose sight of LOVE – you begin to go astray…

Because to lose sight of God will automatically take you off course. Focusing on love is always the right course of action. Disconnected from the vine, you begin to wither.

When you get depressed you have taken your eyes off of the most important thing in life, which is – love. It’s not you, your problems, or your needs that are important. The only thing that really matters is love and you have gotten distracted and forgotten what you were taught as a child.

You’ve lost sight of the most important thing.

All the needs and problems in the world are only temporary things. Love is all that is permanent. It’s the only thing that lasts, therefore it’s all that really matters.

So simple and yet so easy to forget.

We get all tied up in the temporary and lose sight of what is really important until our depression reminds us. There used to be a sign hung on the refrigerator when you were young that said (Get yourself off of your mind and go help someone else.) Remember?

I put it there to remind us all of what happens when we get mired down in our focus on ourselves. Narcissism is the root of all unhappiness. You always have to look outside of yourself to find happiness in this world.

Lynn Dale

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The “SECRET” to life is so simple…

Posted on February 6, 2018 by in Letters to My Children, The Good Life



I spent the first 58 years of my life trying to find the “SECRET” to life…

I thought I had found it so many, many times with each and every epiphany or aha moment I had. Each time I thought I had finally uncovered the “SECRET” missing piece in the puzzle of life and now things would finally get better. And I would feel good – for a day or two. Then I would ease back into real life and dirty laundry and forget all about the pearl of wisdom I had just learned.

This happened hundreds, probably thousands of times before one day I realized how simple the secret was…

The big “SECRET” is simply love. It’s so simple. It’s right there in front of us and we miss it. Jesus gave us the one commandment that would make life work for us… “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:30-31

It’s said to make the world go round, because it does. Love is the only true power there is. Money, influence, and fame are but tiny, tiny things when compared to love – real love.

What is money? Here today, gone tomorrow, but love – that’s a big deal!

Love will take you places money can’t buy. Love will make you feel like a million bucks even if you don’t have two nickels to rub together. Most people will never see a million dollars, but everyone – absolutely everyone can give and recieve love. That’s the big “SECRET”.

I will never take my eyes off of love again, because it’s what makes life worth living. It’s so simple kids – please don’t miss it.

Lynn Dale

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There are problems… constantly.

Posted on January 16, 2018 by in Letters to My Children

Things break, sickness happens and money runs out. We get diseases and we hurt and things don’t go as we planned. It’s always something!

Something that we don’t like. Something we’ve been trying to change that never seems to be getting any better. And if it’s not something happening to us – it’s happening to those we love. Life happens and it’s not all GOOD STUFF. People won’t always get along, they will get sick and times won’t always be good, but most of life is good. Far more good happens than bad.

Learn this. There are parts that hurt… a lot of them.

This is what trials and tribulations look like. They are the problems that happen in our lives and the sooner you figure this out, the better off you’re going to be. Once you figure out that life consists of peaks and valleys, you can go forward bravely.

When you know there will always be something going on you don’t like – everything becomes okay.

It’s your new normal and it doesn’t bother you anymore for the most part. That’s why Jesus said, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33King James Version (KJV) We are told to cheer up because it really is alright. This (whatever it is) will pass and we need not let it bother us too much because we know the end of the story – and it works out pretty well for us.

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I Have Made Up My Mind

Posted on October 17, 2017 by in Letters to My Children

I’m going to live the abundant life Jesus
died for me to have.

My  parents  lived  a  miserable life.  They  were  always  mad,  sad  or complaining  about
something.  I  don’t remember  ever  seeing  them  happy.  I don’t  know  if  they  were  saved  or
not, but they sure didn’t act like it and it’s too late to ask. When I got cancer (back when it was an
automatic death sentence) I made up my mind I would finish my life differently than they did

I made a promise to God that if He would give me the chance, I would seek Him until I had the
abundant life He promised us all, the one that they never got.

I backslide from time to time – but I keep pressing on. I’m determined that I’m going to have it,
live it, share it and shout it from the rooftops for the rest of my life. His sacrifice will not be
in vain for me. Jesus paid a high price for me  to  have  it…  and  to  me  it  would  be  a slap
in his face for me not to enjoy it.

My  life  is  not  all  peaches  and cream, but the joy, peace and love that my parents  never 
had,  I  do  have.  I  probably have  it  because  I  made mind  to believe it was available.

Lynn Dale


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GOOD Does Come

Posted on September 14, 2017 by in Letters to My Children

Today as we live in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, I am reminded GOOD does come.


With all of the suffering and loss – GOOD does come, I promise. Every single horrible thing I have endured in my life has at some point brought good with it. Cancer and various losses come to mind, as well as Sept 11th of course.

I made many changes in my life (GOOD changes) as a result of all of those and many other tragedies. Hard times really do make the GOOD TIMES seem even better.

So don’t despair – whatever your current problem is…

Eventually you will see GOOD come out of it one way or another, because eventually GOOD always does come.



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