January 18, 2019

It’s Not ALL Rose Petals and Sunshine on the Road

Posted on November 5, 2018 by in The View From Here

We just thought we would like to take this opportunity to clarify what life on the road is really like.

Hello from Gloucester Virginia!

We arrived at a beautiful campground not far from Chesapeake Bay on a Thursday and found us a spot right by the pond. It was glorious for one day… then the neighbors moved in. We had a front row seat in a huge site, (huge because there was no one parked in the one in front of us) overlooking not only the pond, but also the road circling around it so we could see everything going on around us too. We knew we were taking a chance that when the weekend people came someone could park in the site next door, but we would still have a pretty good view because they would be perpendicular to us.

Not these folks…

They move in on Friday and don’t park the way the site is set up for them to park. They move the picnic table and fire ring and park parallel to us because they are too big to fit in the site perpendicular. They literally set up 10 feet away from our large living room window and blocked the entire view of the pond, except what you see in the tiny side window photo. And usually the weekenders leave on Sunday, but not them – they will be here all week with us. The only consolation we have is that if they choose to eat outside, they have to do so over their sewer line which they had to run under their RV into their front yard.

It is literally right under their feet if they choose to use their outdoor kitchen, however given all this rain it’s doubtful they will use it very much. We just wanted to share with you that life on the road has just as many ups and downs as life at home did.

The Professional Tourists

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Life’s Big Adventure!

Posted on October 17, 2017 by in The View From Here

My daughter has always wanted me to write about my life. She even went so far as to buy me a Hallmark legacy book to fill out. I donated it. There was nothing good I could think of to put in it and I’m not interested in writing down all the bad like some do to heal their wounds. My wounds are healed for the most  part  and  re-hashing  them  isn’t going to give her the warm and fuzzy feeling about her parents that I think she was seeking.

But now…
Now that we have set out on this NEW adventure, I feel differently. I don’t want to forget or miss a minute of it – so writing it down might just be a really good idea!

We    took    off    yesterday, Monday   morning,   and   headed   to our  first  reservation  in Columbus, Texas.  The  campsite  located  along the Colorado river is a very welcome sight for us. We were camping here when we originally hatched this idea of camping our way across America. Today,  we  intend  to  finally get to head to Camping World and buy a  few  things.  I’m  wanting to  check out their 3 wheel bikes and he wants some  scissor  jacks  to  help  with  the leveling. I personally think we need to buy a NEW level.

We both  thought  the  trailer  was leaning a little when we parked it yesterday, but the level said it was only about a half of an inch off. We thought we could live with it. Today, even a drunk could see it’s leaning way over like a boat on it’s side and I’m sure everyone in the park is laughing at the newbies.

This  morning  has  already  been pretty  exciting  –  the  fire  alarm  went  off right after I put shampoo in my hair in the shower.  I  thought  it  was  a  fantastic  idea to light my NEW autumn scented candle while I had the whole house to myself for the first time. So much for a little “quiet” time. And  yes,  it  did  finally  re-set  itself while I was furiously hurrying to get out!
By  the  way,  yesterday  we  also took our first REAL hike since becoming fulltime RVers. We had to take a shortcut across the neighbor’s grass to get back, but we made it.  (Those people in the photo – that’s not us. They are just a great looking family  that  are  probably  about  30  years younger than us. We’re just a couple of old people, so don’t expect to see us here.) We didn’t  see  any  critters  on  the trail  at  all, which is why we went. That and to begin exercising so that we can hopefully make this big adventure last longer. We did see a herd of 7 deer cross right in front of us as we left our campsite for the hike though. The deer are one of  the many reasons we love this place. They graze right outside your window at all hours of the day and night. We even had 2 walk within 10 feet of our picnic table. And  that  buck  in  the  photo,  he’s  real. That’s the first buck I’ve ever seen in my life, so I had to get his photograph! IMG_0053

This is the story we want to tell and to remember about our lives. This is  our  happy  ending  and  we  want  to share it with you and with our kids. Not everyone gets the opportunity to do what we are doing and we know it. Perhaps you can live vicariously through us on our travels and maybe have a few laughs at our expense.
Until next month, we wish a very happy ending for your lives too.

The Professional Tourists


All SHARES & LIKES are really appreciated!