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Bananas – Great Food Choice

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Breakfast Tacos

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Breakfast Tacos

Nothing in the pantry?

If you’ve got eggs and tortillas, you’ve got a meal. Cook up some kind of meat, scramble the eggs and add cheese. Viola, in minutes you’ve a hot, filling and relatively healthy meal!

You can add salsa, refried beans, onions, peppers, potatoes or anything you have laying around that you’ve ever seen in a burrito. I have even chopped up leftover french fries and used them.

Cook it Up

All men and children love burritos. It is also very easy to add and subtract ingredients based on personal tastes and to adjust how spicy it is.

These were made with a fabulous NEW product we found at Arlans in the refrigerated section. It’s one of our GOOD THINGS this month because it’s affordable, $2.69 a package, they are hot & fresh and they keep for 3 weeks with no preservatives. They are in the egg and dairy section.Fresh Flour Tortillas

They are not the best tortilla you have ever eaten and I can make better, but you can’t beat the convenience and there are no more tortillas molding in your bread box or on the counter!

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Granny Knows About Turkey

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Granny Knows About Turkey…

Pregnant, can’t have nitrates?

Economically challenged, can’t pay $7.00 a lb. for lunch meat?

Trying to lose weight, isn’t everyone?

Want healthy food?

Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore.


At .99 cents a pound, it’s the cheapest, healthiest, and most delicious alternative protein source around. It also freezes beautifully for last minute meals. Just spray with cooking spray, season it inside and out, cover with foil and place in oven at 350 degrees until timer pops out or legs wiggle. I boil the neck and organs and freeze for later use in dirty rice or stuffed peppers. This is a perfect Sunday meal fresh out of the oven with some side vegetables and then you have the rest of the day to get it boned, packaged and frozen.

I make stock out of the quickly removed big bones, the water I boiled the neck in and any vegetable scraps from whatever we had at lunch. While it simmers, I slice and bone the smaller pieces. In one afternoon I can get a whole lot of lunch meat and pre-cooked easy meals for a fraction of the cost of store bought lunch meat and TV dinners. Turkey can be substituted for chicken in any recipe and for ground meat in most. Pound for pound, you just can’t beat it for good health, economic savings, calories or flavor.

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Granny Knows About Chicken

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Try Some Great Fried Chicken Tonight!

There is nothing better than homemade fried chicken and it isn’t as hard to make as it used to be. You no longer have to kill the chicken or even cut it up if you don’t want to. You can buy whatever pieces you like and then it’s just a matter of some frozen french fries or some store bought potato salad and you’ve got a picnic!

Just season your chicken and your flour (I use Tony’s) and coat your pieces. You can shake it the old fashioned way in a brown paper bag or a zip lock or just put it in a bowl. I don’t double dip it because it’s already a high calorie treat and it takes longer.

Fry it in an electric skillet if you want to be able to watch the temperature. Or use a heavy pot like this beautiful cast iron one I got for Christmas. You can judge the temperature by dropping a single kernel of popcorn in the oil, when it pops the oil is ready.

Fry until dark brown but not burnt. If you are worried about doneness, put it on a sheet tray and keep it hot in the oven. If you’ve not cooked it long enough, it will finish up in the oven. You can store your batches of fries there and keep them hot too. I usually do fresh fries because they will clean up some of the particles in your oil and homemade fries are indeed a treat these days!

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Granny Knows: The Circle of Life

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Matt’s Elk Burgers

2 Lbs ground Elk Meat

1 pkg Lipton Onion Soup Mix

Garlic powder Tony’s

Hand mix all of the seasonings then mix into your raw meat. (No need to add salt, the

soup mix and Tony’s takes care of that.) Form your patties and pop on the grill.

*NOTE: Because Elk is a very lean meat, make sure you do not over cook or your burgers

will be extremely dry. Also this recipe can be used with any ground wild game and ranch

dip mix can be substituted for the onion soup mix as well.


*Just because you may not hunt or know anyone who hunts, does not mean you have to feel left out when it

comes to eating organic meat. There are many meat processing markets that will sell game to the public, just like

Doreck’s Meat Market in Santa Fe.

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Granny Knows… When Bread Was Baked

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Did you know there’s a way to help figure out how fresh store-bought bread is? Just look at the twist-tie or plastic tab that keeps the bag closed. Turns out, it’s color-coded to reflect the day that the bread is baked. It seems unlikely but Snopes.com dug into it and found that it became an almost-universal practice among commercial bakeries as a way to help grocery store re stockers recognize which loaves to replace on their shelves. To remember which color is which day, put the colors in alphabetical order. Here’s the breakdown: • Blue: Monday • Green: Tuesday • Red: Thursday • White: Friday • Yellow: Saturday There are certainly some exceptions to this practice so we can’t recommend relying on it exclusively to determine freshness. Some bakeries will use their own colorcoding systems or only one color altogether, and always remember that the date on the tag is the date the bread needs to be sold by, not the date it was baked on. Now we just want to know why bread isn’t baked on Wednesdays?

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Granny Knows…TAMALES

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Just one pork butt, a bag of masa and some corn husks and you can make the best tamales you’ve ever eaten. It’s really not that hard, it’s just a little intimidating the 1st time. There are recipes & directions on the ingredients and there are even videos on the internet. The easiest way to cook the pork is in a crock pot overnight with a lot of water, unlike regular crockpot recipes. Then chill it to separate the fat from all the seasoned broth. Save the fat and use it. It is seasoned lard, which is better. Just add it to your lard measurement. Definitely whip your lard, it makes your dough a better consistency. Pictured both normal tamales and our Texas size ones. We make batches of both and just alter the cooking times. If your masa and meat mixture has good flavor, your tamales will have good flavor. I’ve even heard about people putting cilantro and crawfish in them. My Tips (learned the hard way): Don’t skimp on the ancho chiles or the lard, you’ll be disappointed. If it smells right, it tastes right. And don’t overcook your spices if you are not using a crockpot. You want your meat tender, but if you cook your spices too long, they start tasting bitter.

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