December 17, 2017

Brick House Cigars

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Fine Cigars

Fine Cigars

This issue we stopped in at our favorite local cigar shop, the Smoke Ring in Webster, Texas and I thought I had died and arrived in heaven. They have moved, but just next door to much BIGGER accommodations and increased their stock it seems 10 fold.  It’s so big now the Boss and I had to separate, so I could see it all.

She always picks out all of my cigars anyway, so I went to have a look around on my own. You can expect a full feature story in an upcoming issue on this Good News for all of our LOCAL readers.

I guess I’m a sampler man at heart because when the Boss brought home a Brick House Cigar Sampler box from our little excursion, I got all excited like a little kid in a candy store.

It had four cigars in it: a Mighty Mighty 6-1/4″ x 60, a Mighty Mighty Maduro 6-1/4″ x 60, a Toro 6″ x 52 and a Robusto 5″ x 54.  Three were a dark reddish-brown in color and one of them was a dark black Maduro.

See the rest of the story at starting on page 30.


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Whats in my ashtray ?

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Whats in my ashtray ?

La Fontana Vintage Cigars

Some birthday celebrations are better than others… I recently celebrated my 56th and my lovely bride handmade me my favorite three layer German Chocolate cake and my wonderful daughter ordered me a box of my most favorite cigars, La Fontana Vintage. I’ve been smoking these particular cigars on special occasions for almost a decade now and they are the smoothest, most flavorful and consistently GOOD cigars I’ve ever run across. They are what I call my “go to” cigars when I want to celebrate any special occasion. They have helped me enjoy many Christmas’s, lots of birthdays, and even the birth of my first grandbaby. I’ve been to Miami and smoked what I believed to be a Cuban cigar and it was indeed a fantastic smoke, and these La Fontana Vintage cigars rate just below a Cuban in my opinion.


La Fontana Vintage Cigars.

My wife picked up my first La Fontana cigar for me from a premium cigar store in Webster, Texas (The Smoke Ring 17050 Highway 3. Webster, TX 77598 (281-332-9871) and she’s been picking out my cigars ever since. I immediately became smitten with its sweetness, smooth taste, and easy draw. Over the years we have haunted many premium cigars stores in the lower forty eight states and Hawaii, searching for La Fontana cigars. Some have them and some do not. My latest check reveals only four retail outlets in the Houston metro-plex.

My daughter ordered this box of La Fontana Vintage cigars from a New York company called: Best Cigar Prices, (888-412-4427) on their website at Their prices are very reasonable for the cigars. Sometimes you have to weigh the cost of gas, traffic & time because Houston is not LOCAL.


Good Prices for cigars !


La Fontana cigars are made by Tabacos Rancho Jamastran, in South America. They are made at the Camacho cigar factory and are hand made from start to finish. These cigars are not cheap, but on the rare occasion that someone gifts me with a box of them, I save them. I only smoke them on special occasions. Of course I believe that you can smoke a GOOD cigar and make your own special occasion too! Some people like cigars that are so strong they will blow the top of your head off, but for me smooth mellow smoke, after a fine meal with a cherished vinyl album of Elvis singing his Christmas specials is a good way to culminate the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and yours and have a great La Fontana Vintage cigar with friends during your Christmas celebration this year if you can. Till next time Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Dailey Smoker, and I’m excited to see what new cigars I can review for 2013!

The Dailey Smoker

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