December 17, 2017

Manvel Seafood & Grill

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We have found some GREAT affordable seafood here…

Manvel SeafoodWe can’t say enough about the freshness of it and the great service you get. Their LUNCH SPECIALS are very affordable, filling and they get them out pretty darn fast. If you like seafood but don’t want to pay arm and a leg for it, this is a great option.

Take a look at this Boudin Royal…

Website Boudin

Although we didn’t catch it on the lunch special – it was so worth it!

Look at these plates, even the fries were awesome!

You can read the whole review and look at their scorecard in the Holiday issue of the Good News.

Manvel Seafood Page





















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Lercy’s Diner

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14825570_1242981759093685_787551796_nIt’s a family owned chain…

The next time you find yourself on I-10 between Beaumont and Houston at lunch time, we have located not one but two – great choices!

Mark and Joy Cooper serve up some great lunches from their steam tables. Each location offers a choice of several entrees, a long list of vegetables to choose from and you get a bread choice and dessert, all for less than $10.00.

The food is very tasty, the line moves pretty darn fast and the service is great!

The serving sizes are on the small side by today’s standards, but that’s actually not a bad thing and here’s why…

They serve the meal like it was done in the old days, complete with vegetables, choices of breads (biscuit, yeast roll or cornbread) and a dessert. By the time you eat everything on your plate you are full, but not miserable. And we consider that to be a GOOD thing! 

2 locations to serve you

1203 North FM 565 in Baytown, Texas (281) 576-6975 and 2122 Hwy. 124 South in Winnie, Texas (409) 296-3299

We have been to both of them and they both get two thumbs up! You can see more photos and details in the FALL issue of the Good News Magazine.

When you hear the owner call most of his customers by first name, you know you’ve found a good home town business.


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Red Oak Cafe

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We have found another winner… we’ve tried it 3 times and it’s been great every time!

The Red Oak Café is family owned with a special story. It’s the dream of one woman to honor her lost and beloved son.

The story can be summed up with a single statement…

A dream of one woman, delivered through the efforts of her entire family, together, creating a special dining experience that captures the personality of a lost and beloved son.

Inspired by Justin and brought to fruition by Kim Oravetz, and Justin’s brother, Ian Oravetz. They serve a very fresh “taste of Texas” menu at an affordable price. We have sampled here 3 times and it was delicious every time!

However, I will tell you it is very tough to decide what you want to order here. Both menus have so many choices (and they all sound delicious) that it really does take some time to decide what you want to try, so be prepared. The selection of add-ins for the pancakes alone is tremendous, as is the large panini list. Everything we have tried has been top notch, and we’ve only just begun. 13866866_10206173237682228_983985472_n

It’s all fresh, well seasoned, cooked properly and it’s really interesting food. And I don’t mean sprouts and tofu. Assorted cheeses and a wide range of peppers and salsas make the food exciting to try. We have only sampled the sawdust pie (it was very tasty), but the dessert menu is difficult to choose from as well. Be sure you walk in very slowly so you can ogle everyone’s plates on the way to your table. All of the food looks awesome!


If you’re looking for a really nice place to have breakfast or lunch with friends or a daytime date – this is it! It’s a happy, happening place with a lovely surprise in the women’s restroom. (I can’t speak for the men’s.)


Red Oak Logo     CLICK HERE to browse their website.

6011 W Main St League City, TX 77573

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The Teaspoon Tea Room

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Greetings fellow foodies!

We have a real treat to report on today – it’s a tea room with a bonus… it’s located inside one of the largest antique malls in our neck of the woods. Do you need a GIRL’S day out or a great daytime date looking for treasures?

The Teaspoon has GREAT FOOD and a GREAT LOCATION to boast about.

CLICK HERE for the whole review, which starts on page 7.

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An AMAZING Place to Eat!

The praise for a GOOD burger never ends at Tookies.

The Galloping Foodie loves date night in his old stomping grounds.

Watch this great video put out by the Travel Channel (it’s FOOD porn for sure) to help you decide what to order before you go!

For the latest review CLICK HERE! It starts on page 6.

Burger Video





 May 2012 Review

It was one of those weekends; the Boss was bored, and hungry.

I told her that I would take her out to eat and she jumped on that suggestion like a tick on a hound dog. Within twenty minutes she was showered, dressed and ready to go. I had heard on face book that Tookie’s in Seabrook had reopened, and I wanted to see if they were still as good as they were in the past.

The food was just as great as I remembered.

I ordered the ½ pound bean burger. It’s a half pound burger on a base of refried beans with crushed Fritos and dressed with Pace Picante Sauce, cheddar cheese and sautéed onions – all on a sesame seed bun. You can get the single half pound patty or a double with two half pound patties. It’s so large that you can’t really pick it up to eat it or risk getting all over you, so I ate mine with a knife and fork. It was excellent!

The Boss ordered the Squealer burger. It’s a half pound certified Angus beef patty blended with bacon and dressed with mayo, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. The Boss said that her hamburger was awesome, and that is high praise coming from her, because she’s pretty picky. She also ordered a combination order of French fries and onion rings. They are excellent and handmade. I ate a few so I could express my opinion, but I was stuffed!

This iconic eatery had to be restored after Hurricane Ike damaged it, and the Boss says that the bathrooms are all brand new, clean, and roomy. They managed to retain a lot of the original décor from before the storm so old customers will recognize the place.

They do have one new thing though, they now serve mixed drinks in the place. I believe this is something new, because I don’t remember them doing that before. I’m pretty sure my high school classmates would have shown me there fake ID’s if they could drink beer at Tookie’s back in the day.

This restaurant has many fond memories for me, and I can recommend it to my readers without any hesitation. The food is great, the amenities’ superior, and the price affordable.

Till next time eat out often, eat well, and please support the small business people when you select where you want to eat. Demand good food, and fair prices. It’s your money and you should get what you pay for each and every time.

The Galloping Foodie

If you’d like to see more Galloping Foodie Reviews CLICK HERE and just keep scrolling. (Do call or check the websites before you go though, as some have not weathered the recession.)

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“The Lord provides… we distribute.”

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The Foodie LOVES Sushi

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If you LOVE beautiful tasty food… this is the place to go!

We have had numerous date nights here and have never been disappointed. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Wang go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect. We don’t eat the REAL sushi, but the cooked choices are absolutely awesome. You literally want to get every drop of their sauces sopped up just like gravy on a biscuit.

Sakura Japanese Sushi

The crab puffs… hands down BEST we’ve ever eaten and the dipping sauce for them – just perfection. The food is not spicy hot, it’s just very, very flavorful. Everything we have tried has been awesome.

Look at these photos, don’t they make your mouth water?


The most popular item is the Shaggy Dog and it obvious why… it’s just a big bite of heaven. One of us orders it every time we go and the other ventures out and tries something new. The lobster roll is fabulous and the Bento Boxes come with a clear soup that has more flavor than a lot of restaurants can get in a chunky meat filled stew. 10391010_921662291186364_1782746391674400651_n


If you like GOOD food, love to try new things and want to patronize family owned places… this is a GREAT place to go. Or if you are just tired of the same old places, this place is a real nice treat.

You can now order online for pick up from their website right here – or have a look at their menu.

Score Sheet

And yes there are other selections available if you have to bring kids or non-adventurous types with you. ;)

If this doesn’t look GOOD to you…


     You should probably just go get yourself a burger somewhere.


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Foodie Likes Riscky’s Steakhouse!

Posted on April 22, 2014 by in The Galloping Foodie

The menu posted on the wall outside invites patrons to enjoy their “World Famous Calf Fries” and I told the Boss “that’s for me”. For you tenderfeet who don’t know what calf fries are, they are the testicles of male calves. The original western delicacy is served with homemade cream gravy for dipping. It sort of tastes like chicken, with just a hint of liver flavor. Riscky’s definitely makes a fine plateful of them and they were quite tasty!

The boss ordered a half rack of Riscky’s famous pork ribs. These are succulent pork ribs rubbed in “Riscky’s dust” and slow smoked to perfection. They are pull off the bone tender with a great chew and awesome flavor. The Boss always orders her ribs dry so she can decide if she likes BBQ sauce flavor or not before putting it on her ribs. It was a good BBQ sauce, but it is NOT the usual Texas sweet sauce she likes. It is vinegar based, but it was definitely good enough to dip a few calf fries in. She had her ribs with a giant glass of sweet tea, and pronounced it all good. (See the rest of the story and photos on page 12 in the magazine by clicking here – it’s FREE.)

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Thrifty Deliciousness in NYC!

Posted on January 21, 2014 by in The Galloping Foodie

Four very affordable eats in NYC are reviewed here along with stunning photos and all the details that matter. So if you’re planning a trip or just want to see what you can get for your money there… this is the review for you. The Galloping Foodie’s daughter did this assignment. The Foodie himself, is still pouting about not getting to go. Until next time, eat local unless you can go to NYC! It starts on page 10, click this link.

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The Galloping Foodie checks out Boyd’s Cajun Grill Express – TEXAS CITY, TX

Posted on October 25, 2013 by in The Galloping Foodie

If you like GOOD FOOD, GREAT PRICES & FRESH SEAFOOD… we’ve found you a wonderful NEW PLACE.

The Texas City Dike, made famous in song and mega fishing tales has a new eating place. Boyd’s Cajun Kitchen Express is now open and in its first few weeks they are doing a booming business. If you’re a local Galveston County resident you’ll know that Boyd’s One Stop is at the base of the Texas City dike and after surviving Hurricane Ike, it was pretty much was the only retail outlet left on the Texas City dike. The rest of The Dike businesses washed up along the seashore in the Baytown area. A little birdie told us that they were now cooking their fresh seafood up next door & we didn’t waste no time checking it out.

Part of the report:

The catfish was perfectly seasoned and did NOT have a fishy taste to it, (something the Boss really appreciates) and the jumbo shrimp were butterflied and fried correctly so they were still tender inside after you get past the first lip smacking crunch. The boss tasted the crab patty, but didn’t care for the blackened taste. I on the other hand being from the bayous of deep Louisiana like blackened seafood and I ate it all with great satisfaction. Thanks dear, it was great! There were no leftovers from this meal.

See the rest of the story starting on page 6 at

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The Galloping Foodie Goes to Floyds on the Water

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Floyds on the Water

Sometimes if you are very lucky in your life, you’ll find a special place to eat that just seems to hit all of the right notes with you and your spouse.  It becomes THE place where you’ll want to go when you have something special to celebrate.  The boss err, the wife and I had such a place for a long time about 30 years ago.  It was in Houston near Almeda Mall, called Gallagher’s Steak house.  We’d go there for all of our birthdays, anniversaries, etc.   It was special. They had great steaks, cooked them right, and the staff treated you like they understood that you were there for a very special night. They closed on us quite a few years back, but I’m pretty sure we’ve found our NEW place.

This is Seafood Fondue $12.00 at Floyds & it’s worth every penny.

Editor’s Note: My mouth is watering just trying to tell you how GOOD this stuff is. My daughter could not eat it all so we took home the leftover sauce, but not the toast. I found myself home alone the next day & thought I would just cook some pasta & add the fondue to it for a quick meal. I put this stuff on some fettuccine noodles and I would have paid $50.00 for it and I’m a very frugal woman. It was very rich and cheesy, that’s why my daughter could not finish it. Big pieces of fresh seafood and pasta noodles mixed with rich and cheesy sauce – the best stuff in the world.

 Read the whole story & see the rest of the photos on page 9 in the magazine at


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