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The Foodie Goes to Whistle Stop Restaurant in Tenaha TX

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The Foodie Goes to Whistle Stop Restaurant in Tenaha TX

The Whistle Stop Restaurant

The Boss and I were returning from the east coast in what I call my “Eating My Way Across America” tour and we were in the home stretch of quite a long drive.  We were both tired and hungry and we couldn’t find anything to eat that suited our fancy.  We had scoured the highway signs for miles and nothing jumped out at us. As we made our way through Texarkana I told her we should just wait for the Whistle Stop Restaurant and have some down home Texas comfort food.  That’s what I think the food at the Whistle Stop is and it’s right in the heart of downtown Tenaha, Texas.  We have eaten there several times before, so we knew the food was gonna be good.  Now I’m not talking five star restaurant fare, it’s just good, fresh, tasty and plentiful home cooking, the way your Momma did it back in the day.



Attractive Mural Outside

Located right on Hwy 59 at one of the town’s few red lights, the Whistle Stop Restaurant is an icon in Tenaha.  This is the place in this small Texas town where town folk, ranch hands, oil field workers, and travelers stop to eat good food and plenty of it.  There is a daily steam table with meats, veggies, starches, salads, fruits and dessert.  The items on this steam table change daily based on what the cook decides to cook. This was our fourth trip here I think and every time the food is so good the Boss and I talk about doing a Galloping Foodie column on it, but we just hadn’t gotten around to it.  The Whistle Stop Restaurant is a family owned business and the daughter is now taking her turn helping to run this family business.  Based on the quality of the food and the friendly service, I’d say she is doing a good job.


The Bosses Choice!

The restaurant got its name from a model train that runs on a track that is mounted on a high shelf above the dining room.  Each time the cash register was opened the train whistle would blow.  I didn’t see or hear it this time, so I asked what was wrong.  It seems that the electric motor for the old train had gone out, and the only place to get a replacement is in Houston.  I was told that it will be repaired because many of the regular customers ask about it.  Maybe the next time we go it will be repaired, as it’s a sight to watch for both young and old.

Ok, let’s talk about the food…  We both decided to eat from the steam table, but they do have a varied menu if you want one.  On this day I loaded my plate with a nice meatloaf, fresh mashed potatoes, yellow corn, some hot water cornbread, and hearty spiced beans made with ground meat.  The meatloaf had a red tomato sauce (catsup) crust and was loaded with spices and some finely minced peppers.  The mashed potatoes are real mashed potatoes just like I like them, creamy yet thick enough to hold a spoon vertical if you place it in the middle of the mound. Now let’s talk about the hot water cornbread, that’s what they call it.  I have no idea how these little patties are made, but they are always yummy.  The Boss eats hers with a little butter on it, and she says the same thing every time, “I’m not a big fan of cornbread, but these are unquestionably the best I’ve ever had.”

The Boss likes to eat a salad with every meal, so she hit the salad bar first.  She fixed her plate with fresh cling peaches, a pea salad, sliced beets, a macaroni salad, and some pieces of fresh tomato.  She munched on this while I ate my entrée.  She ate all of it except for the macaroni salad that I helped her with.  For her entrée plate she chose mashed potatoes, cornbread, chicken fried steak with cream gravy, yellow corn, fried okra, and a sourdough biscuit.  She said that it was all great tasting food, but she liked the hot water cornbread and the tender hand battered steak the best. We both ate till we about popped, then waddled out to the truck and made our way home.  Rest assured the Whistle Stop Restaurant is always on our radar anytime we are coming or going on Hwy 59 in that neck of the woods.


They have fruit and assorted vegetables.

Well that’s about all the space the Boss allotted me for this column, so I will say good bye for now.  Hopefully we’ll get a west coast trip soon so I can eat my way across that part of the country.  Till then eat out often, demand good food, and keep checking this column to see if your favorite eating place gets reviewed by The Galloping Foodie.

Whistle Stop Restaurant

Wall St, Tenaha, TX 75974

(936) 248-3798172

Cross Streets: Between S Main St and TX-157-Loop

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Galloping Foodie Hits the East Coast !

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Galloping Foodie Hits the East Coast !

Where the heck is Bristol, CT?


It’s way up in the northeast section of the country, and it’s where my baby daughter and her husband live. It’s 1803 miles from my front door and it took us about twenty seven hours to drive it straight through. We had to make a delivery in New Jersey, so we made arrangements to go visit her and her husband Mike, after the load was delivered. The first night we were so exhausted we ordered pizza and called it a day. Bless his heart, her husband said that he wanted to take us all out for dinner on the second night to get us a real New England meal. I was game and him buying made it even better. Thanks Mike!


A light marinara sauce served over linguini.



Veal Parmesan, a lightly breaded veal topped with melted Mozzarella cheese and a light marinara sauce served over linguini.



The Boss and my daughter wanted seafood and wanted to go to a place called Aqua Terra because they had great seafood. They called to verify they were open and found out it had changed its name to Tuscany’s Steak and Seafood, but they were open and had fresh lobster. We loaded up and headed out and this trip happened last month, so in case you are wondering yes, it was cold, (13 degrees to be exact). I wouldn’t have gotten out in that type of weather, but Mike being of hardy New England stock explained that it was a dry cold and there wouldn’t be any ice or snow to contend with on this short trip. I nervously said that I would drive, because I do NOT like driving on ice and snow, but I was too nervous to trust anybody else’s driving. I’ll admit it, I don’t mind saying I’m scared when I am. The drive to get to Connecticut was no cake walk for me, believe me. (Check out Seeing God’s Country, in this issue.)


Seafood Platter: Stuffed lobster, scallops, stuffed clams, shrimp, tilapia and spinach and bacon stuffed mushrooms.

Within a few minutes we arrived at the restaurant. We crunched across the snow covered parking lot and made it to the front door without incident. The restaurants ambiance was pure New England with dark paneling, large windows, decorative knick knacks on the walls, etc. There was a wood burning fireplace in one corner, so I asked the waitress to seat us near the fireplace because the Boss loves them and dry cold or not, it’s still cold.

I ordered Veal Parmesan for $18.99, (a lightly breaded veal topped with melted Mozzarella cheese and a light marinara sauce served over linguini). The Boss and my baby daughter (Liz) decided they would share an entrée. They ordered the Tuscany’s Captains Platter for $28.99, which is this month’s cover shot. (Stuffed lobster, scallops, stuffed clams, shrimp, tilapia and spinach and bacon stuffed mushrooms.) Being a true New Englander, Mike, ordered the fresh lobster at market price.

We sat around and waited for about twenty minutes on our order, but man was it worth it. The ladies each enjoyed what they said was a delicious cup of lobster bisque (they didn’t share), while Mike explained that in this part of the country, most restaurants are also pubs. He said that back in colonial times the men of a village would spend some of their free time each day at the neighborhood pub, and that’s how they learned the news of the day,  (by word of mouth news reporting). Both the Boss and I were astounded at the size of the platters and the amount of food they placed before us. I said to myself as I stared at the two plates of food in front of me, (there is NO way I’m going to be able to eat all that). My plate was almost overflowing with tender (no knife required) veal. It was covered with a dark red marinara sauce and cheese. In my opinion this was the real deal Italian food. The linguini noodles were cooked just right, and they too wore the red marinara sauce. I believe that this meal was perfect and I’d recommend it to my best friend.

The Boss and my daughter shared their platter and they ate and ate till they finally just gave up. There was no way they could finish all of that food. Mike said that his lobster was great, and his only complaint was that it didn’t come to him whole, because he wanted to chop it up himself. He showed us Texans how to shell and eat a New England lobster. The food was great, the service was excellent, and the ambiance was nice and cozy.

Till next time eat out often, spending your dining dollars on good food, and demand good food and service from your eating establishments.

The Galloping Foodie

Tuscany’s Steak and Seafood

253 East Street

Plainville, CT 06062

(860) 793-1600

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The Galloping Foodie goes to The Patio Grill

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The Patio Grill

5613 Broadway

Galveston, Texas  775551

(409) 974-4854

I’m always on the lookout for a new restaurant to try to see if the food is good enough to share with my fellow foodies.  My son in law told me about a place in Brazoria county, so we all loaded up my new grandbaby (Jake, he’s on the cover) for his first public outing.  We all agreed that the food was bland, and that’s just not acceptable.  It cost us $45.00 to feed four people, and all parties were disappointed with their food.

The Boss got another recommendation from a well-known district court judge. She said that the cheese burger she had for lunch at the Patio Grill was very good, and reminded her of cheese burgers she had eaten before the advent of fast food.  Gee, I didn’t think her honor was that old.  “Just kidding Judge, really”!

So the next day we headed out to the Patio Grill at 5316 Broadway in Galveston for lunch. As we crossed the causeway the Boss commented that the water looked aqua-marine colored today.

I couldn’t see it, but if the Boss says it was aqua-marine then who am I to say different, but it looked the same old brown to me. We made a left off of Broadway on 54th street and went about half a block and pulled into the parking lot.  We purposely arrived at 11:00am so as to avoid the rush hour crowd from the Criminal Justice Center next door.

Upon entering the front door we were quickly greeted by the staff, which brought us water and menus. I ordered the Southwest Burger, (2 meat patties, with BBQ sauce, grilled onions, jalapenos and cheese).Southwest burger                                                           South West Burger

The Boss ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger (grilled onions, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese), and an order of French fries.  Mushroom Burger                                                        Mushroom Swiss Burger

She decided she wanted to substitute the Swiss cheese for cheddar.  The server quickly agreed to the change and placed the order with the cook. That’s the first sign of a GOOD place to eat as far as I’m concerned. They want you to “have it your way, the way you like it”.

That’s GOOD.

Within a few minutes our orders were out, and I proceeded to take a few pictures.  I always try to do all of this unobserved by the staff, but apparently someone saw me. Within just a few minutes our server (who turned out to be the owner) brought us a photocopy of the menu and asked us if we liked the food.  Of course we did, and he asked that we like him on face book.

My hamburger was about four inches high, and loaded with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.  It was so tall that I didn’t try to pick it up; I just cut it into sections with my knife and ate it with a fork.  The meat patty taste reminded me of past hamburgers I’ve eaten all across the country that were cooked right in front of me on a flattop grill.

It wasn’t the absolute best burger I’ve ever had, but it was good. And the price was about the same as a fast food deluxe burger.  The Boss really enjoyed her huge burger too, so much so she took half of it home. The fries were excellent too. They were cooked in clean grease and not over cooked like most places seem to do these days. We were both happy with the lunch and agreed we would eat there again without hesitation.

Since we were observed I had to tell the owner who I was, and he was very happy to hear that I liked the food.  He’s a younger fellow and said that he has spent his career in the food service industry, and this is the first restaurant he has owned.

I feel that as long as he keeps turning out good food, his business will grow and prosper. Please refer this place to your friends and help out the “New Kid on the Block”, starting a business in this economy takes guts. We wish him well.

Till next time eat out locally and demand good food by refusing to continue to patronize places that put out lousy food at a premium price. You can depend on the Galloping Foodie to bring only the best eateries to your attention each month.  We do take recommendations for places to eat, so feel free to e-mail your favorite restaurants to

Remember to tell us what you ate there, so we can order the same items.   “Happy dining, ya’ll.”

The Galloping Foodie

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The Galloping Foodie Goes to Mickey’s Diner!

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The Boss and Jacob’s Momma (my oldest daughter) decided they were hungry and couldn’t wait on me.  They had seen a new eating establishment on FM-1764, called Mickey’s Diner and wanted to check it out. The place had been a tamale shop until recently, now it’s been renamed and reopened as a diner.  After perusing the breakfast/lunch menu they both decided on what’s called the Blue Plate Lunch Special, which for that day was: red beans and rice with sausage and chicken fettuccine.  The blue plate special changes daily and sometimes there’s one item, but they hit the jackpot and got to try two.

Everyone knows the poem that reads, “Now all little Cajun boys are made of gumbo, boudin, and sauce piquant… but red beans, rice and sausage are also a staple in the swamps and bayous of south Louisiana.  I have eaten this slow cooked rice stew if you will, since I could eat solid food.  My momma made it, my grandmamma made it, and my lovely wife, (The Boss) can also make a good pot when she sets her mind to it. To me there is nothing better, except maybe crawfish etouffee or jambalaya or hell I like it all!  But good red beans and rice is hot and spicy, and fills the tummy just so.

This is what my daughter (being only half-Cajun) ordered for her lunch, and she couldn’t eat it all, so I met up with her and she gave me the left over’s in a square Styrofoam pooch box.  I brought it home and it was still warm and good to go.  I heated it slightly, and put some homemade butter on the cornbread and I ate till I almost hurt myself.  It was very good and made me miss my momma’s cooking.  You see I was the babe of the brood and my momma always fixed my plate first before my older brother and sisters could muscle me out of the way. Which might be why I overeat today.

The Boss ordered the chicken fettuccine with grilled mixed vegetables.  Now I didn’t get any of this food, but it looked good in the picture, and both the Boss and Jacob’s Momma said it was some kinda good. I can only believe what they said and they are both pretty picky eaters. The Boss paid Mickey’s Diner a very high compliment by saying that it is now our “GO TO PLACE”, when she doesn’t feel like cooking, or we’re in a hurry to eat, etc. Based on this and what I tasted, I can say you will get good food and your dollars’ worth at Mickey’s Diner. They are open from 5AM to 3PM right now, but are considering doing dinner as well, in the future. “You can go there and pass a good time, apparently they did!”

Till next time, eat out often, eat locally, and support your local restaurateurs.  It’s good for everybody involved.

The Galloping Foodie is sponsored by H.I.S. Ministries. Please support your local food pantries, they are our hands to help those in need.

Mickey’s Diner – Restaurant

10527 FM-1764   LaMarque, Texas 409-925-3311


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The Galloping Foodie Goes to Outriggers!

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Outriggers Seafood Grill

& Oyster Bar

When I think of the word sea, my first thought is seafood, not a British invasion.  The oceans of the world provide a bountiful harvest each day, and here on the third coast we are blessed by God to have fishermen who know how to harvest the oceans bounty. The Boss and I heard about a place under the Kemah-Seabrook Bridge that had great seafood.  It’s called Outriggers and it’s on the Seabrook side at 101 Bath Avenue. Outriggers Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar is a wooden two story building with a bar on the bottom floor that features live music and a restaurant on the top floor with phenomenal views of the Kemah-Seabrook channel.

We walked upstairs and were immediately greeted and seated by a hostess.  The Boss decided that she wanted to eat outside because it was a beautiful day, so the hostess led us outside to the waterside dining tables.  While the Boss studied the menu, I watched the beautiful sail and power boats passing through the channel.  I remember when the Kemah-Seabrook Bridge was a drawbridge, and the sailboats had to sound an air horn to get the bridge tender to raise the bridge so they could pass under it.  Traffic on Hwy. 146 would back up for miles and cause all kind of problems.

The Boss finally decided that we would share an entrée called the seafood medley, with some sort of cheese dip for an appetizer. (Sorry I was distracted by the view, it’s not on the online menu & the Boss can’t remember what it was called.) It was full of crawfish mixed in a cheesy sauce and then topped with more melted cheese. It came with buttered, toasted French bread and whatever it was, it was excellent. Unfortunately we forgot to photograph it too, before we started eating it.

By the time we finished the appetizer course, the seafood plate came out.  The timing was perfect and fortunately we were still hungry.  The presentation of the entrée looked great, and don’t we all eat with our eyes first?   It had all sorts of fried seafood on the plate:  popcorn shrimp, fish, onion rings, French fries, oysters, stuffed shrimp, hush puppies, and all of it topped off with some grilled asparagus spears.  The asparagus spears were for the Boss, but I tried some just to say I ate my vegetables, and they were surprisingly good.  They had been grilled, buttered, and salted just right.  They had great flavor and just enough snap to let you know they were fresh. Of all of the fried delicacies, I liked the fried oysters the best.  They were lightly breaded, and properly fried so that they were still plump and juicy when you bit into them.  Now I don’t eat raw oysters, but fried I could eat them all day.  My second best favorite of the fried offerings, was the fish.  It was fresh and lightly battered, and tasted marvelous.  It was probably swimming in Galveston Bay the day before.

I ate till I was stuffed, and the Boss was still eating when I got up and walked over to the edge of the outside dining area to take some pictures.  The underside of the bridge is quite panoramic and makes a great picture.  I photographed several boats as they passed, and in general had a great time.  We stayed about an hour, and by that time the live band was cranking up the entertainment downstairs.  We decided that it was time to make our way home.  The parking lot at Outriggers is small and I caution you to be very careful where you park.  There are no parking signs on Bath Ave, and warnings that police will issue parking tickets if you are in violation. All in all I can easily recommend Outriggers Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar for some great seafood, and terrific scenic water views.

Till next time, support your local restaurateurs, demand quality food for your money, and remember to read this column in the Santa Fe Good News Magazine for GOOD, honest suggestions on where to eat. Now that we are national, we are going to start reviewing all the food we eat across the nation as well, that should be exciting!

The Galloping Foodie is sponsored by H.I.S Ministries. Please support your local food pantries.

Outriggers Seafood & Oyster Bar

101 Bath Avenue Seabrook, TX 77586


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Galloping Foodie Goes to Hometown BBQ

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Galloping Foodie Goes to Hometown BBQ

Galloping Foodie Goes to Hometown BBQ

The Boss and I were determined to find a suitable eating place to discuss in this month’s issue. And just like anything else, when you stop looking so hard, is when you usually find whatever you’re looking for. I simply asked what we were having for dinner one night and she explained that I could make dinner myself, or I could go out and get something for us to eat, she was too busy working to deal with it. I asked her what “WE” felt like eating and she said bbq. I then asked where she wanted me to get it from? She directed me to the little red building on Hwy 6, near Medicine Man Pharmacy. She didn’t know the name of the place, just the color of the building, and the fact that they served bbq.

Despite being tired, hungry, and in my after five casual attire, I went out and found the little red BBQ shack and learned that it is called John’s Hometown Bar-B-Que. It’s a small red building with a sheltered dining area on the outside that I’d guess can seat about 25 to 35 people on the wooden park bench style picnic tables. The dining area isn’t air conditioned, but it is covered and screened against mosquitoes. There was a nice cross breeze blowing when I was waiting there for our to-go order.

The Boss likes to eat ribs. I don’t know why, but given a choice, she will choose ribs over most other meats. Pig, cow, or antelope, or yak, if it has ribs and somebody cooked them right, the Boss will eat them. Just so happens that John’s Hometown Bar-B-Que offers a nice rib plate. All I had to do was figure out her sides to go with it and I was all set. She also had explained to me that I wanted a BBQ stuffed bake potato if they had one, because it would photograph well. They had such a plate and I ordered it. About 15 minutes later, my order was ready. I paid the tab, and drove my lovely wife’s dinner home to her.

The rib dinner was pork, and it looked divine. The Boss likes her ribs dry (no sauce), so she was happy that the sauce came on the side. She reported that they were good. They were both sweet and spicy, with a little cumin which she explained to me is an unusual flavoring for ribs. She finished them, that says it all. My Bar-B-Que stuffed baked potato was filled with butter, sour cream, cheese, and of course BBQ. While it didn’t photograph too well (due to the mound of cheese being melted across the top), I think it was quite good. I used the extra container of BBQ sauce for my stuffed baked potato and it made a good meal. We were blessed to find this quaint little place for our dinner and I can recommend it to my readers as a nice place to get some good BBQ to take home or dine in. Also while I was waiting for the order, I learned that John’s Hometown Bar-B-Que also offers catering. Till next time try to eat well, eat out often, and please eat locally to support small businesses.

 The Galloping FoodieH.I.S. Ministries

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The Galloping Foodie-The West End Restaurant & Sandbar- December 2011

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Restaurant Info via

Greetings fellow diners, “Go West Young Man” as the saying goes, and that’s exactly what the Boss and I did for this review. We crossed the big waters onto the island of Galveston and exited 61st street to Seawall and turned right. We drove west along the Blue Water highway (FM-3005 West) to San Jacinto street in the Sea Isle subdivision, (at the caution light) and then left at the stop sign to 21706 Burnet Drive. It’s a little hard to find but, well worth the effort. Chef Nicholas Proffit is offering three star cuisines at competitive prices.


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

We located the marina complex at the end of Burnet Drive and walked upstairs to the restaurant section. The atmosphere was very romantic with muted lighting, soft Christmas music playing in the background and a water view of the marina. It was a weekday evening so the place was not crowded and we were immediately seated by a courteous uniformed waiter. He led us to a table by the scenic picture windows and a single candle on the table illuminated the smile on the Boss’s face. Although there is no formal dress code, I felt underdressed and thought I should have worn a suit and tie. It’s just that kind of place. No one else was dressed in that manner, but the ambiance of the restaurant lends itself to class. The waiter brought our ice water and placed the menu in front of us. Although not an extensive menu it had many of the Boss’s favorite items on it. For the appetizer course she selected jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon stuffed with jack cheese and a sliver of jalapeño pepper. I chose a bowl of gumbo, featuring shrimp, crab, and andouille sausage. I really like good gumbo and figured that a small bowl would awaken my taste buds. The bacon wrapped shrimp came out first, and soon as I saw the plate presentation, I immediately knew that this was going to be a very good meal. The shrimp were arranged in a circle on the plate and were sitting atop a spicy orange colored horseradish infused sauce. They were so large that I used a knife and managed to cut each one into three bites. I wanted them all, but the Boss demanded her fifty percent. Next the waiter brought out my gumbo appetizer. Now I ordered a bowl of the gumbo as an appetizer, because I expected it to be small. I was wrong, and shocked when the waiter placed a shallow bowl the diameter of a large pie plate in front of me. The gumbo was delicious and the crab lumps were large enough to be seen and identified. The shrimp were properly cooked,as was the andouille sausage. I noticed a sparse amount of rice in the bowl. Rice goes with gumbo where I come from, but rice is a filler and maybe the chef wanted the diner to experience just the lusty deep taste of the sauce and proteins he used in the dish. This is no run of the mill gumbo. By the time I finished this gumbo I was full, but being a good foodie I was determined to enjoy the entrée the Boss had ordered. She chose a sixteen (16oz) rib eye steak, with smashed potatoes and steamed asparagus, which was the vegetable of the day.

The waiter returned with the entrée divided onto two plates, as we agreed to share this entrée. The steak was pan seared to (Medium Well) perfection, per the Boss’s specifications. The entire meal was excellent! The ambiance of The West End Restaurant and Sandbar lends itself to the romance of either a first date, or the anniversary of a long ago wedding. It’s relaxed and classy at the same time, and as soon as I saw the presentation of the food, I knew it would taste good before I took that first bite. I would recommend The West End Restaurant and Sandbar to anyone looking for a good dining experience.

The West End Restaurant & Sandbar Menu 

The Galloping Foodie

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