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Farm Sex

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Farm Sex

Farm Sex……..Mistakes Happen

Sex down on the farm has been fast and furious in the chicken yard.  A few days ago Annabelle and I were sitting around a bonfire in the back near the chicken house when we heard a commotion. Several of the roosters were having their way with a small brown hen.

All of a sudden Annabelle started hollering and jumping up and down.

It seems that one of the chickens that we thought was a hen is actually a rooster.  I assured Annabelle that we were down to two roosters, and it turns out that we actually have four. We started watching closer and a large gold feather footed chicken that my daughter named Gigantor, who was supposed to be a rooster, is actually a HUGE hen.  Now that we think we have them all sexed correctly, the correct count is four roosters and eleven hens for a total flock of fifteen.Gigantor

Gigantor  …  Does this look like a hen to you?

I did some research on the (I KNOW IT ALL internet) and here is what I came up with: You can hold the chicks up by the scruff of the neck (like you’d hold a baby kitten) and let their feet dangle. It claims the males will pull their legs up while the females will always leave their legs dangling. That was very interesting, but my chickens are grown, so I looked a little further and came up with this: Do they have long, wispy, pointed feathers just above the tail (saddle feathers)?

Problem:  We have trimmed the feathers on one side so they can’t fly out of the pen, so I guess we have to ask them to turn to the other side so we can verify their sex. Ok, I got to confess, this sex on the farm problem has come up before and Annabelle has never let me live it down.

Many years ago when my kids were small they watched the movie “City Slickers“,  and they saw Billy Crystal help on a cattle drive and deliver a calf, which he called Norman.  Afterwards they all wanted a Norman to look after, and being a good Dad, I tried to make it happen.

Annabelle and I went to the old Algoa Auction barn, and a small calf came into the ring alone.  I swear that the auctioneer didn’t say what the sex of the calf was, and we were seated up in the nose bleed section, and my glasses were fogged over, so I told Annabelle that the calf was a heifer.  She let me buy it for $40.00, and it wasn’t till we had paid for it and had it tied down in the bed of the truck that I learned that it was in fact a bull calf.Hen ? Rooster Photo

This chicken was believed to be a hen, He is actually a rooster.

Annabelle chortled and guffawed all of the way home and she has told this tale far and wide for the last twenty years.  Since that time my sexing of animals qualifications has always been called into question.  But we all thought the gold feather footed chicken was a rooster, it wasn’t just ME.




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