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Egg Production Increase

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Egg Production Increase

Things are a changing out in the chicken yard, again…  Eggs are coming in like clockwork, the roosters are constantly crowing and disturbing the neighbors, so we’re giving them free eggs for their missed hours of sleep.  Last month I mistakenly believed that I had everything settled down in the chicken yard, and this month Annabelle has changed almost everything, again.  She has always changed the furniture in the living room constantly and she has taken this behavior out into the chicken  yard.  Now she has decided that the eggs that the hens are laying are too dirty to deal with and I have to wash all of the eggs before they are refrigerated.  It seems that the wood shavings that I’d been using to provide bedding in the nest boxes, is insufficient.  She has decided that we are to replace the wood shavings with hay.  Somewhere in her childhood she remembers gathering clean eggs on hay. Off to my local feed store again.

More Eggs Than We Need.






I headed home with the hay and as soon as we got home, Annabelle and I went about toting the hay to the back yard and storing it in the shed.  Annabelle told me NOT to hand carry the hay because of my bad back, so I cranked up the lawn tractor, attached the little trailer, and drove it to the back yard.  That’s when the problem arose.  Annabelle said that she didn’t want the hay to lie on the ground, because she was afraid that rats would nest in it.  She said that if she ever reached in the hay to pick up a block and mice (rats in our case) came scurrying out, that she would never feed the chickens again.


Red hen in her new hay filled nestbox.

We came up with the idea to use some old dog chain with double snaps to suspend a metal dog cage from the rafters to hold it off the ground.  I felt this idea was without much merit, but you know Annabelle, so I went along with it, and kept my skepticism to myself. We hung the crate and put the forty pound bale of hay on top of it.  I cut the hay string that holds the bale together and she took out a block.  As of the time of this writing it’s held up so far, but it just seems to me that the rats will just think it’s a skyscraper we have supplied for them to nest in. We’ll see and I’ll report back on this ideas success or failure.


More Eggs Dailey

I went into the chicken yard and pulled the nest boxes out and shook the shavings out of them.  I replaced them with hay, (Annabelle was there supervising of course) and put them back on their shelf inside of the chicken house. I’ve seen that at night some of the chickens roost on the ground instead of using the nest boxes and or the ladder perch I’ve made for them.  I think I’m going to go out today and spread the remaining shavings out on the ground inside of the chicken house, so they will have a warmer dry place to nestle down for the night. Well that’s about it for this column, so I’ll close by saying that we’re learning as we go. I still think we have too many roosters in the flock.  We’re getting eleven eggs a day out of fifteen chickens, so two of the roosters need to be sent to the farm in Brazoria.  I’ll run this idea up the flagpole and see if it gets by Annabelle. Till next time, I hope you enjoyed this report and if you have any ideas that might help two city farmers, please feel free to drop us an e-mail at



P.S. Annabelle was looking at a calf to buy from the dairy when we went by to pick up the milk the other day.  Wonder how you raise a calf?

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