December 17, 2017

A Run to Corpus Christi

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The money phone rang with a short Houston local run and I told the Boss she had been cooped up in the house too long working on the magazine.  She happily agreed with me and off we went.

We picked up the first load in Houston, and delivered it to another place in Houston.  The receiving company was supposed to receive the product, enter it into their computers, and then repackage it with some other items, and ship all of that to Galveston.  While we were waiting on that to occur our day got even better. Sometimes you’re just in right place at the right time. They got another run going to Corpus Christi and gave the Galveston run to another truck. We happily switched loads and headed out to a beautiful vacation destination.


Fajitaville, beach front dining and drinking.

I hadn’t slept too well the night before, so the Boss suggested that I climb into the sleeping berth and cop a few zzzz’s, since I was gonna have to drive back tonight.  I located my pink and black eye shade blinders and dozed off for two hundred or so miles. I finally woke up and drove the last fifty miles into Corpus Christi. This partner thing really works out well for me sometimes! It was still daylight when we got there as when we drove over the large bridge near downtown and we got a great view of the aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington.When we got unloaded I asked the nice security officer if there was a good place to eat nearby. I should have asked if he knew of a good cheap place to eat. He gave us directions to Fajitaville and said he had not eaten there yet but people have told him that the food is good there. He also added that Fajitaville is right on the water near the USS Lexington. That suited the Boss just fine because she wanted to walk on the beach too. (After the load is dropped, the Boss gets “things her way” for the rest of the trip. I find it’s a good compromise for having a great partner to drive with me.)


Fajitaville is a three story building with a patio bar on the first (sand) level.  The next level (2nd floor) is the family dining level, and the third level (3rd floor) is an over 21 club. When you walk into the place a hostess greets you and questions you to discover what your pleasure is for the visit. Then we all boarded the elevator car together, and she walked us all the way to our table.  That’s a first for me and the Boss, it’s a high level of service in my opinion. The second floor walls are all glass windows on three sides that face the Gulf of Mexico and the USS Lexington.  I’m almost certain that I’ve seen this particular view of the USS Lexington in a TV commercial put out by the Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce a few years ago.  It’s a great view and makes you want to linger over your dinner.


The Boss ordered a steak and shrimp meal called the Big Eye Rib Eye.  It’s a grilled 12 oz. prime cut rib eye steak complimented with a couple of bacon wrapped shrimp.  Now I know that the Boss is never able to eat all of her entrée no matter how hungry she it. She always orders a salad and fills up on it before her entrée arrives.  So I made plans to take advantage of this knowledge and save a little money by ordering an appetizer and sharing my appetizer with the Boss in exchange for some of her entrée. I ordered the Queso Fresco plate that consists of a unique blend of cheeses (Monterey jack – white cheddar – pepper jack – parmesan – and Queso Fresco) topped with grilled chicken and served with a tube of fresh made tortilla chips. The Boss and I shared our bounty and it was excellent. On the way out of the restaurant we saw a sign the Boss made me get a photo of. It was rules she liked for unattended children.


The boss wanted to walk along the beach, so we headed back up towards the USS Lexington.  We found a parking space near the entrance, and I noticed a parking meter in front of my truck.  Wanting the be a lawful visitor, I dug into my pocket for quarters to feed it, but alas I was financially embarrassed and had to call on the Boss once again to bail me out.  She dug into her bright yellow shoulder bag and pulled out what appeared to be a gray colored sweat sock like they issued for high school football. She produced six quarter coins out of it because as it turned out, that sock is a coin purse.  Who would have thought that?  Then she looked at the meter and it clearly read no charge for parking after 6:00 pm on weekdays.  That was about eight minutes of time that we’ll never get back and you just lost a couple of minutes reading about it.


There is a long wide concrete sidewalk that runs right along the shoreline for pedestrian travel. We could have walked along this without getting our feet sandy, however the Boss rejected this idea and wanted to walk near the water’s edge.  Needless to say I was wearing the wrong shoes for this.  I had on some black “Roman Warrior” style sandals that are very comfortable to drive in, but there are open straps that run all over the shoes. (I was at work an hour ago.)   Naturally I had to stop several times to get the broken pieces of sea shells out of my feet, but I’m a trooper, I didn’t complain.  We didn’t have a real flashlight, and it was dark now, so the Boss asked me to turn on the emergency white light app on my Iphone so she could look for shells.  Within ten minutes, she was cold and the beach walking was abandoned.


We walked over to the USS Lexington dock and I tried to take some of the ship and a Blue Angles jet, but they weren’t very good. We headed back across the (brightly illuminated) big bridge and headed north. I was watching my speed closely as we entered the City of Odem and the limit dropped to 45 MPH in town. I was doing about 43 MPH when I saw the red and blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror. Turns out my license plate lights had gone out, both of them.  The very courteous young officer issued me a warning ticket to remind me to fix the problem. Now fully energized by “fear fueled adrenaline” we headed on towards home.  I wasn’t sleepy at all and we were making good time till we saw those darn searchlights.  It was very dark, but the sky was clear and the Boss could see two searchlights off in the distance. We located their source just outside Port Lavaca, Texas, it was a huge carnival.  It was part of the Calhoun County livestock show and rodeo. The rodeo – livestock exhibit portion of the day’s activities was over, but the carnival portion was going strong.  People were parked everywhere, and we had to search a few minutes before finally finding a place to park out in a pasture.


We got out and stretched our legs, which is good to do. We couldn’t eat anything because we were both still stuffed from dinner, but we walked around and enjoyed the lights and sounds. I used the air powered, full automatic,  laser equipped, BB  rifle to try and shoot the small red star off of a piece of paper at ten feet.  Didn’t make it, was so surprised!  I guess the sights were off.  The Boss spent a couple dollars worth of quarters on some other games, and people watched. There was set of twin little girls with big pink bows on their headbands that were lit up. You couldn’t lose them in the crowd and they were “just precious” according to the Boss. After about an hour we got back in the truck to home. We made a little money, had a little fun, ate some good food, and got home safely.  All in all it was a great trip. Travelling with the Boss makes these trips all the better, because she doesn’t just drive, she makes sure we have some fun.  Till next time try to take the road less travelled, you will enjoy the trip.

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