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The Galloping Foodie Goes to Floyds on the Water

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Floyds on the Water

Sometimes if you are very lucky in your life, you’ll find a special place to eat that just seems to hit all of the right notes with you and your spouse.  It becomes THE place where you’ll want to go when you have something special to celebrate.  The boss err, the wife and I had such a place for a long time about 30 years ago.  It was in Houston near Almeda Mall, called Gallagher’s Steak house.  We’d go there for all of our birthdays, anniversaries, etc.   It was special. They had great steaks, cooked them right, and the staff treated you like they understood that you were there for a very special night. They closed on us quite a few years back, but I’m pretty sure we’ve found our NEW place.

This is Seafood Fondue $12.00 at Floyds & it’s worth every penny.

Editor’s Note: My mouth is watering just trying to tell you how GOOD this stuff is. My daughter could not eat it all so we took home the leftover sauce, but not the toast. I found myself home alone the next day & thought I would just cook some pasta & add the fondue to it for a quick meal. I put this stuff on some fettuccine noodles and I would have paid $50.00 for it and I’m a very frugal woman. It was very rich and cheesy, that’s why my daughter could not finish it. Big pieces of fresh seafood and pasta noodles mixed with rich and cheesy sauce – the best stuff in the world.

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