December 17, 2017

The Galloping Foodie checks out Boyd’s Cajun Grill Express – TEXAS CITY, TX

Posted on October 25, 2013 by in The Galloping Foodie

If you like GOOD FOOD, GREAT PRICES & FRESH SEAFOOD… we’ve found you a wonderful NEW PLACE.

The Texas City Dike, made famous in song and mega fishing tales has a new eating place. Boyd’s Cajun Kitchen Express is now open and in its first few weeks they are doing a booming business. If you’re a local Galveston County resident you’ll know that Boyd’s One Stop is at the base of the Texas City dike and after surviving Hurricane Ike, it was pretty much was the only retail outlet left on the Texas City dike. The rest of The Dike businesses washed up along the seashore in the Baytown area. A little birdie told us that they were now cooking their fresh seafood up next door & we didn’t waste no time checking it out.

Part of the report:

The catfish was perfectly seasoned and did NOT have a fishy taste to it, (something the Boss really appreciates) and the jumbo shrimp were butterflied and fried correctly so they were still tender inside after you get past the first lip smacking crunch. The boss tasted the crab patty, but didn’t care for the blackened taste. I on the other hand being from the bayous of deep Louisiana like blackened seafood and I ate it all with great satisfaction. Thanks dear, it was great! There were no leftovers from this meal.

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