December 17, 2018

Hamburger Steaks

Posted on October 25, 2013 by in Home & Hearth, Recipes

Growing up, we always loved Mama’s hamburger steaks. There was nothing like coming home and smelling the onions bubbling in there with the generous hamburger steak patties and knowing we were in for a hearty and delicious supper. I liked mine with extra onions, my sister liked hers without any at all, and Daddy liked whatever Mama put on his plate.

This is a simple recipe and uses the family favorite: ground beef. You know, in the age where we have entire networks devoted to nothing but food, we have surprisingly few tv peeps using ground beef. This is all good and well, of course, but sometimes I think the food channels have greatly overestimated our grocery budgets :) .

See the rest of the story & the recipe on page 11 at  & a link to 30 Recipes for Ground Beef by Christy Jordan.

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