December 18, 2017

Foodie Likes Riscky’s Steakhouse!

Posted on April 22, 2014 by in The Galloping Foodie

The menu posted on the wall outside invites patrons to enjoy their “World Famous Calf Fries” and I told the Boss “that’s for me”. For you tenderfeet who don’t know what calf fries are, they are the testicles of male calves. The original western delicacy is served with homemade cream gravy for dipping. It sort of tastes like chicken, with just a hint of liver flavor. Riscky’s definitely makes a fine plateful of them and they were quite tasty!

The boss ordered a half rack of Riscky’s famous pork ribs. These are succulent pork ribs rubbed in “Riscky’s dust” and slow smoked to perfection. They are pull off the bone tender with a great chew and awesome flavor. The Boss always orders her ribs dry so she can decide if she likes BBQ sauce flavor or not before putting it on her ribs. It was a good BBQ sauce, but it is NOT the usual Texas sweet sauce she likes. It is vinegar based, but it was definitely good enough to dip a few calf fries in. She had her ribs with a giant glass of sweet tea, and pronounced it all good. (See the rest of the story and photos on page 12 in the magazine by clicking here – it’s FREE.)

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