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Hi, my name is Christy Jordan and I like to feed people.

Hi, my name is Christy Jordan and I like to feed people.

If you’ve never heard of or had Angel Chicken, you’re in good company! Until last week we fit into that category. Once we had our first bite though, we were hooked. My husband kept saying “Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. You have GOT to get this recipe.” So I called up Gricelda, who is not a Disney Princess although her name leads you to believe that, and asked if she would share.

She had been kind enough to cook this wonderful supper for my family and she immediately said “Of course I’ll share!”. Maybe she should be a Disney Princess, she definitely has the personality for it! I was thrilled to discover that Gricelda cooks this in a slow cooker AND and it easily makes enough for a hungry family!

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