December 19, 2018

Granny Knows… When Bread Was Baked

Posted on June 7, 2011 by in Granny Knows

Did you know there’s a way to help figure out how fresh store-bought bread is? Just look at the twist-tie or plastic tab that keeps the bag closed. Turns out, it’s color-coded to reflect the day that the bread is baked. It seems unlikely but dug into it and found that it became an almost-universal practice among commercial bakeries as a way to help grocery store re stockers recognize which loaves to replace on their shelves. To remember which color is which day, put the colors in alphabetical order. Here’s the breakdown: • Blue: Monday • Green: Tuesday • Red: Thursday • White: Friday • Yellow: Saturday There are certainly some exceptions to this practice so we can’t recommend relying on it exclusively to determine freshness. Some bakeries will use their own colorcoding systems or only one color altogether, and always remember that the date on the tag is the date the bread needs to be sold by, not the date it was baked on. Now we just want to know why bread isn’t baked on Wednesdays?

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