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Taken from Sweet Tea & Common Sense July 2012 Issue

by Lynn Trahan

Unity is the Answer… A House Divided Falls

Hate and anger will not solve our problems in America. Pitting one political party against another will further divide us. We stood together arm in arm after December 7th & September 11th and we had peace among us. The only solution to the problems we face is that we face them together under one almighty leader, God. There is strength in unity and weakness in division. We must decide whom we will serve, ourselves, money or our God, by whatever name we call Him. To have our focus return to something or someone larger than ourselves is our best bet for unity, peace and prosperity. While we argue over all of our differences, we erode our nation and give it into the hands of the wicked. Yes I said wicked. If you are not accountable to God, you are easily accessible to be used for wickedness. You’ve got to stand for something and decide whom you will serve.

The Grand Old Party is not so grand anymore and I’m not saying that because I’m a democrat, I’m saying that because they can’t find a representative that’s worth representing me. Each party is presenting people that are not worthy of our votes, but we are and have been for years voting merely for the lessor of the 2 evils. That’s not grand, that’s not even close to grand.

The Democratic Party is no better and I’m not saying that because my husband is a republican, I’m saying that because they have the same problem. They are supposed to be liberal and progressive, but they have allowed themselves to become so progressive that they have just driven their party into hell. I don’t believe that just because the squeaky wheel has money behind it, that it should be allowed to run amuck.

Mainstream America is not a bunch of lunatics. They are the backbone of our country and they deserve to be heard and represented by reasonable moderate parties who are not being paid by anyone but the American people to govern as their conscience dictates. If that means voting across party lines to get the best person, then I guess what we need to throw to the curb is party loyalty. Loyalty is a good thing, until its corrupted. If everyone in this country would do their civic duty and vote and they voted their conscience, we would have the right people in office, because our true leader would see to it. Unity in voting is power, individual power, not corrupt political power.

Anyone or any party who attempts to get your vote by using anger, hate or lies should not get your vote. The Good Book says you will know them by their fruit and creating a platform built on hate is bad fruit and it won’t suddenly turn sweet when they take office.

We need a firm hand to get this country back on its feet, but we don’t need an evil one to represent us. We are not evil and our representative needs to be one of us. We are the majority and the majority of us are good people. So I ask you to take a look at who your party is putting in the pool for you to choose from and who the other party is putting in and make a choice based on what you feel is right in your heart. There is no one man or one party or one religion that has all the right answers to help us get to where we need to be. It’s up to each one of us to do our part and as the saying goes “Let God sort them out.”


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