2 Antique Stores, a Garden Nursery & a GREAT Place to Eat!

Welcome to Schulenburg TEXAS!

The girls and I headed out this past Saturday morning to make a day of it… shopping, antiquing, junking – whatever you want to call it. We do it whenever we can because it’s so much fun, but also because it gives us a chance to visit… all day usually. I guess in years past coffee and crumb cake at the kitchen table was sufficient, but now we seem to need to be doing something constantly – so this works for us.

We started out at Evelyn’s Antiques and found these treasures for our Christmas trees and Tina’s already got them painted for us!

We’ve got this CARDINAL thing going on in our family these days since my son passed. We also like to buy 3 things when we are together whenever we can, so that we all have the same memories in each of our homes.


We love antique stores because they are all so VERY different – I think that’s why we enjoy them so much!

One minute you’re looking at $1000 pieces of antique furniture and handmade soap that smells so good from Europe (I got some, see!) and the next place has an array of costume jewelry, rusted metal art and brand NEW gifts for teachers. You just never know what you might run across or what you might talk about while you look around.

We really enjoy the chance to be together and talk about whatever comes up. We, (all of us) spend so much of our time structured and focused on getting things done that days like this allow us to just wander around aimlessly with no focus at all. Our only goal seems to be to enjoy each other’s company. It’s a really sweet time for us every time we get to do it.

And then we went right down the street to eat this!

The Garden Company has GREAT food!

That is an Apple, Speck (which is a kind of ham) and Brie cheese pizza and it is the most delicious pizza I think I’ve ever had. It had no sauce on it at all and it was great! We ordered it at The Garden Co. along with an appetizer plate called Brie & Rieslings Fruit Chutney, which was also great, but didn’t photograph well. Tina had a turkey sandwich and it was a really good one… but it was just a turkey sandwich!

We have gotten into the habit of ordering different plates and splitting them so that we can try more things, eat less and not have any leftovers in the car.

There was a short wait… but it was noon on Saturday and it was so worth it! On top of that – we shopped while we waited. They have a garden nursery behind the restaurant and they come and get you when your table is ready.

This place is definitely one to go to when you get to Schulenburg TEXAS, because they really know what women like! Did I mention that there were gorgeous fresh flowers on the tables and in the bathrooms? Yes, yes there were and look at this…


This is just a small part of all there is to see behind the restaurant…

The spring growing season has barely started, but it is already beautiful here. In the nursery, we picked up a tray of rainbow chard, some herbs and an English ivy. We had a lovely memorable trip and if you can’t get to Schulenburg… go somewhere in small town America and make some memories with your family as soon as you can.

Lynn Dale

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