There is a new thrill ride in town for all of you first responder junkies out there sitting on your couches, wishing you could go out and save the world. It’s called appropriately enough 911.

This series is not the same old cop and fireman show like Adam 12 or Emergency of yesteryear…

It starts when the phone call comes into the 911 center, (answered by the gorgeous red head, Connie Britton) whose calm, soothing voice will do her very best to get you the help you need. Or explain how to do CPR to help keep your loved one alive till the paramedics arrive. Or if fire or rescue is the order of the day, she will dispatch the LAFD to quickly respond to your needs. They will race headlong into the breach to get you off of a wayward roller coaster or they can save your suicidal boyfriend who erroneously thinks you cheated on him and is threatening to jump off a seven story building.

There is plenty of LAFD eye candy for the ladies in this firehouse in the form of probationary firefighter Evan (Buck) Buckley (actor Oliver Stark). His habit of taking the fire truck apparatus out to woo the ladies without the fire captains permission is about to get him fired. I’m going to watch this guy just to see how many lovely ladies he entertains in each episode.

If evil is afoot and you need police help, the 911 operator calls the LAPD, who will respond to your scene ready to dispense justice swiftly! You are put into the capable hands of (Sgt. Athena Grant, played by veteran actress Angela Bassett). Athena is a dedicated professional cop who has a multitude of personal and family problems she’s dealing with. She goes from one crisis to another, solving them quickly and lawfully, most of the time. She has a secret that shocks everyone in episode two.

Running into burning buildings or towards gunshots while everyone else is running away takes a special kind of person. They are called heroes by many, but they just call themselves FIRST RESPONDERS. When you need them, they will come every time . Check your local listings for 911 on the Fox Network .

It’s looking like it’s going to be a pretty good little show.

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