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The Santa Fe Good News Magazine started as a local newspaper in a little bitty town of less than 10,000 people in the southeast corner of TEXAS (Santa Fe) in 2007. Why? Because there wasn’t a local paper.

It quickly became a county wide newspaper available by subscription and home delivery. It got way too big, way too fast for a husband and wife to handle alone. About that time the recession occurred. When gas reached $5.00 a gallon, we lowered our overhead and morphed it into a nationwide digital monthly magazine. It became FREE to anyone and was delivered by email subscriptions and shared on social media of all types. Today it is a quarterly digital magazine delivered all over the world and it’s still FREE!

Our content is mostly timeless except for EVENTS and ads. If it happens & it’s GOOD, we think people should know about it and anything GOOD never goes out of date. So, feel FREE to browse the website, (it’s ALWAYS open 24/7) and download or print anything you like or just flip through the awesome photos. We try to have a little something GOOD for everyone.

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We’re here to encourage & inspire you to fight the good fight!