Change is always very slow…
Change is always very slow… We don’t see ourselves becoming better people daily but, we can look back over time & realize we “have changed.”
America will do the same. God Bless America Again!

Gone to Hell in a Handbasket or Rising Again?

Good things do come out of recessions…

 If you look at the still fledgling economy and all of the 20th century businesses that have closed their doors you might think we are going belly up. But if you look closer, you may see some surprising evidence to the contrary. The economy has forced us to look at our future and to really assess and understand our past.

 The free loving 60’s that ushered in the belief that anything goes – is quickly becoming unacceptable. Wastefulness, crime and pure unadulterated laziness are being frowned upon now that we are not all living in excessive abundance anymore. America is getting her self-respect back as a result. People are standing up for themselves, their families and their country. Gluttony and waste is not as funny as it used to be now that more people are hungry. We expect people to work if they want to eat and lazy employees are not as acceptable when so many of us are out of work. Change is inevitable when we see our families going without. We are putting our foot down all over America and it’s a real good thing!

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