An Average Day in My Life

Lord why do I feel so inadequate all the time? Am I supposed to feel lost constantly? Don’t you want your followers to succeed and be confident? Are we to look like successful wimps, because that’s what I feel like most of the time. Humble and whimpy. Is this normal?

This is the answer I got;

It’s Ok not to know your next move. It’s OK not to be confident. It’s OK not to know where you’re going. And it’s OK not to have a plan, I’ve got this.


You can’t run your life. You never have been able to and you never will be able to. You can make choices and plan your way… but I direct your steps and I control your ultimate outcome. I’ve got everything under control – you don’t need to worry about a thing.

I always have questions, lots and lots of questions in my prayer time. These are today’s answers. Most days I don’t get answers, but I continue to ask them anyway. I gathered from this that I’m paying too much attention to me and how I feel and what I think about myself, again. I’m pretty sure if I get my mind off of myself and back onto Him everything will be OK.

Lynn Dale


Tags: Answers, Faith

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