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Morro Bay, CA

The world famous California Coast is the home of beach babes, surfers dudes, and the beautiful Pacific shoreline and what drew us to the West Coast in the first place.  While we were exploring the coastline approximately halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, we decided to visit Morro Bay. We were pleasantly surprised with all […]


Our NEW Chapter

Join us for our FALL issue of the magazine which is posted HERE. We hope to inspire you to move forward to the Next Chapter of your life with confidence. As always, if you know of anyone who needs some encouragement, please don’t hesitate to forward, share or email the magazine or the website links. […]


San Francisco

I left my heart in San Francisco, a lot of my money and almost my life. We just had to do it. We had to see Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Fisherman’s Wharf. We just couldn’t be this close and pass right by all the usual tourists haunts. The boss and I headed north from […]



This is an awesome movie! I don’t normally care for “faith based” movies because most of them are so pretentious they are hard to watch, but not this one. It’s based on a true story and it’s a GOOD story for a change. It has all the drama, action and emotional involvement that makes a […]


Living A Life You Love

This is a GREAT Christian Handbook that you will never regret having on your bookshelf readily available for yourself or others. I have read many, many of Joyce Meyer’s books over the years and this is one of the best ones to hang on to. The next time you need a big dose of encouragement […]


Pismo Beach, CA

Cow-a-Bunga surf dudes and dudettes, the surf is up! There are 6 foot swells breaking right to left at Pismo Beach in sunny Southern California and we’re here. In all of our travels this is our first Southern California beach and it’s pretty awesome. It’s a tourist town to the max with eating places, curio […]


REAL Freedom of Choice Means… You Can’t Bully Me

My parents were black and white about everything and I became that way. There was only one way to do things and that was the right way. For about the last 25 years that way of life has been shunned and labeled intolerant and narrow minded, which is fairly nicely put – compared to some […]


Smith & Wesson .44 magnum Rental Gun Fun

I’ve owned many guns in the past, both handguns and long guns, but I’ve always bought and sold them, usually at a loss… It never occurred to me to just go rent a handgun that I might want to shoot. Since we’re full time RVing now, I can’t really carry a 1000# gun safe in […]


Sedona – God’s Rock Garden

God doesn’t make trash and regardless of who you are, there are some places in the world that the natural beauty of Gods handiwork can’t help but amaze you. One of these places is Sedona, Arizona. The boss and I had been making our way west from Texas towards California to fulfill a promise we […]


LOVE … it’s NOT a Fairytale

I know my parents loved us as much as they were capable of. I know this because as I’ve gotten older I have realized that they really didn’t know how to love. I know they didn’t, because I don’t. They didn’t teach me. Children learn what they live and love – real love- unconditional love […]


Our Purpose

We’re here to encourage & inspire you to fight the good fight!