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The Widow

Love is a powerful emotion, but would you venture out to a third world country and fight an armed militia? And would you do it solely based on a slight hunch that your loving husband who is presumed dead from a plane crash may still be alive? Rating:         B++ Audience:     Mature adolescents to adulthood. Genre:           […]


It’s Been a Year… Now What?

It’s been a year since the school shooting in Santa Fe and a year since our son died. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m still grieving. I don’t cry myself to sleep very often anymore, but there is supposed to be a good life after tragedy and I’m not living it. I am […]


Sharing HOPE… Because We Need It

This issue is all about HOPE and we want to share it with you. As we welcome Spring and the hope that the Easter season always brings, we hope that you can find a blessing here. CLICK HERE if you need some hope too.  


Mark Twain Roughing It

This modern depiction is a hoot! Anyone who read Mark Twain’s work and liked it will find this little mini-series (three hours) a delightful comedy. Rating A Audience: 13+ Genre: Action/Comedy Now Showing: On Amazon Prime It begins with Sam Clemons aka: Mark Twain, James Garner putting on his Sunday best suit to go make […]


Everything Will ALWAYS Be Alright Because God Already Knows About It.

Whatever it is that you are facing today, we are facing it too. Oh, the names may be different, but a trial is a trial and we all have them – no one escapes them, they are part of life. When God said He had a plan for us and that He would take care […]


TEXAS Rising

Rating A++ Audience: Mature Audiences Only Genre: Historical Drama Now Showing: On Amazon Prime Texas Rising is a rip roaring historical drama that details life in 1836 Texas, from the fall of The Alamo to the election of Sam Houston as president of the Republic of Texas. Watch the promo here… The late Bill Paxton […]


2 Antique Stores, a Garden Nursery & a GREAT Place to Eat!

Welcome to Schulenburg TEXAS! The girls and I headed out this past Saturday morning to make a day of it… shopping, antiquing, junking – whatever you want to call it. We do it whenever we can because it’s so much fun, but also because it gives us a chance to visit… all day usually. I guess […]


When I Am Lost

When I am lost and don’t know what to do, I turn to God. I want to share my faith here. I have always wanted to share it here somewhere… I don’t want to share it because I have such great faith, because I don’t. That is precisely why I want to share my pitiful […]


What a LOVELY Day!

Just a note here… this blog will NOT be just a collection of Facebook fake posts that don’t depict anyone’s REAL life. But what a lovely day we had on this fine day. My daughter and I were missing each other and we had a Saturday with nothing scheduled, so we met up halfway between […]


The Instant Pot Good News Product Review

Not every NEW thing that comes along is an improvement on what we had before… but this is a crazy GOOD thing! We feel this product really lives up to all the hype. If you never make yogurt, bake bread or pop your popcorn in it, it’s still worth the money in our opinion. It […]


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