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Jericho’s Road

Set in the 1880’s in the State of Texas, the war of northern aggression is concluded, a rough period of Union Army supervised reconstruction is over and outlaws are running amok in the lesser populated areas of the State. Rating: A Author: Elmer Kelton Book: Jericho’s Road Genre: Western Private Andy Prichard, company B, Texas […]


New Mexico is Breathtaking!

We have arrived and it’s so beautiful here. It’s much prettier than we expected it to be. The view from Santa Rosa state park is amazing, but the Power Dam Falls is the place to go to listen to the water. Check it out… Lynn Dale We also toured the Route 66 Auto Museum in […]


The GOOD NEWS… a Different Kind of Media

Join us this month as we share not only all of the GOOD things we found, but also as we look back at the last year of mourning. We’ve got some great SUMMER Menu ideas, a movie review, a book review and lots of GOOD lagniappe. CLICK HERE to read the magazine or feel free […]


An Average Day in My Life

Lord why do I feel so inadequate all the time? Am I supposed to feel lost constantly? Don’t you want your followers to succeed and be confident? Are we to look like successful wimps, because that’s what I feel like most of the time. Humble and whimpy. Is this normal? This is the answer I […]


It’s OK That You’re NOT OK

This is the BEST book about grief that I’ve ever read! Megan Devine knows what it’s like to grieve and she shares her wealth of knowledge in this awesome book. If you’ve loved and lost… this book will both comfort and teach you coping skills you’re going to need at some point if you wish […]


Easy, Quick & Healthy NEW Menus

What would happen if we used sugar, salt, fat and meat as flavorings? It’s a no brainer that all of these things are NOT particularly GOOD for us. However, the idea of completely doing away with any of them seems preposterous to me. People have used them for sustenance for centuries however, never in the […]


The Widow

Love is a powerful emotion, but would you venture out to a third world country and fight an armed militia? And would you do it solely based on a slight hunch that your loving husband who is presumed dead from a plane crash may still be alive? Rating:         B++ Audience:     Mature adolescents to adulthood. Genre:           […]


It’s Been a Year… Now What?

It’s been a year since the school shooting in Santa Fe and a year since our son died. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m still grieving. I don’t cry myself to sleep very often anymore, but there is supposed to be a good life after tragedy and I’m not living it. I am […]


Sharing HOPE… Because We Need It

This issue is all about HOPE and we want to share it with you. As we welcome Spring and the hope that the Easter season always brings, we hope that you can find a blessing here. CLICK HERE if you need some hope too.  


Mark Twain Roughing It

This modern depiction is a hoot! Anyone who read Mark Twain’s work and liked it will find this little mini-series (three hours) a delightful comedy. Rating A Audience: 13+ Genre: Action/Comedy Now Showing: On Amazon Prime It begins with Sam Clemons aka: Mark Twain, James Garner putting on his Sunday best suit to go make […]


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