BOND ARMS – Made in Texas by Texans

The derringers of Bond Arms are light years ahead in design, construction, power, safety, and reliability from the original derringers of the 19th century. Greg Bond the designer of the Bond Arms derringer wanted a gun design that was robust, user friendly, and would be a quality firearm.

He also wanted his derringers not to be seen as cheap unreliable guns mostly used by criminals, so he designed it to be a quality firearm that has a simple manual of arms and can be opened, reloaded, and closed one handed. He also designed the to hammer spring into a half cock trigger position when the breach is closed so it’s NOT resting against the cartridge primer in order to prevent accidental discharges. The small, but usable sights line up with the bottom barrel enabling you to make accurately aimed shots.

All models of Bond Arms have interchangeable barrels, so you can purchase barrels of different calibers and lengths, and then all it takes is an Allen wrench to change out the barrel assembly to a different caliber. Barrel lengths are 2 ½”, 3″, 3 ½”, and 4 ¼”. As of the writing of this article Bond Arms has eleven different models of the basic pistol. (See the rest of the story on page 23 in the magazine by clicking here – it’s FREE & full of photos.)

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