Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast Tacos

Nothing in the pantry?

If you’ve got eggs and tortillas, you’ve got a meal. Cook up some kind of meat, scramble the eggs and add cheese. Viola, in minutes you’ve a hot, filling and relatively healthy meal!

You can add salsa, refried beans, onions, peppers, potatoes or anything you have laying around that you’ve ever seen in a burrito. I have even chopped up leftover french fries and used them.

Cook it Up

All men and children love burritos. It is also very easy to add and subtract ingredients based on personal tastes and to adjust how spicy it is.

These were made with a fabulous NEW product we found at Arlans in the refrigerated section. It’s one of our GOOD THINGS this month because it’s affordable, $2.69 a package, they are hot & fresh and they keep for 3 weeks with no preservatives. They are in the egg and dairy section.Fresh Flour Tortillas

They are not the best tortilla you have ever eaten and I can make better, but you can’t beat the convenience and there are no more tortillas molding in your bread box or on the counter!

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