BREAKING Some Good News…

We don’t know how they did it – but it really works!

We were looking to make some lunchmeat that we wouldn’t have to DRY OUT with paper towels when we found this GREAT turkey. It was just under $2.00 a pound and you literally cut the bag off of it and put it in the oven… what’s even better? They include two packets of gravy with it. (I don’t normally use the packages of gravy, but I did this time just in case this turkey with no seasoning needed some help.) It tasted just fine, but if you put the gravy on it and close your eyes, it magically turns into a Swanson dinner!

They must have spent a bundle working out the math to make it cook perfectly from the frozen state, kudos to them. Who knew a turkey doesn’t need a single bit of seasoning on it to taste so good?

And this is GOOD NEWS for all the people who don’t want to mess with cleaning, stuffing and dealing with the assorted extra pieces that normally come inside turkeys…

I see much better lunchmeat, some turkey and dumplings and year round naps coming in our future!

CLICK HERE to see where you can get yourself one… Butterball has SUCCESS!


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