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Sitting at the Gunshop


Colt Cowboy Revolver A Legendary Revolver Modernized for the 21st Century I was looking into the dark recesses of my gun safe the other day and I came across a Colt Cowboy revolver. I hadn’t thought about this gun in several years, and only remember that I have it when I do my semi-annual inventory. […]


Common Sense Gun Control


 Common Sense Gun Control Gun control is the ability to hit your target repeatedly in any circumstances. And rather than print the common Republican rant, we decided to come at this from hopefully a different perspective. History has proven many times that an unarmed populace can be turned into slaves of a tyrannical dictatorship and […]


Glock Model #26 … 9mm

Glock #26

Glock Model #26 … 9mm  A concealed carry champion, law enforcement model. Greetings fellow gun aficionados, I normally do NOT trade in my guns or sell them for that matter, but for some time I’ve had two Glock Model 19’s pistols in my little armory. One wears aftermarket ghost ring night sights and the other […]


Taurus Judge

Taurus Judge .410 / .45 LC

A Fist Full of Power “Courts in session and here comes da Judge”.  Words to an old rock and roll song by Pigmeat Markham, released in 1968, but for our purpose we’re talking about the Taurus Judge revolver.  It’s a .45 Colt cartridge / .410 gauge five shot, double action or single action revolver first […]


American Classic II

American Classic II 45's

Last week at the gun shop I saw a pair of 1911’s in the case and I was immediately drawn to them by their price.  They both were less than $600.00 each.  They weren’t Colts or Smith and Wesson’s, but they did appear to have all of the bells and whistles that the aftermarket could supply […]


WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE, Rossi Ranch Hand Lever Action Pistol

“The Mare’s Leg” It’s 1866 and Civil War veteran and bounty hunter Josh Randall strolls across the town square with purpose. He stops at the public bulletin board just outside of the town Marshall’s office and glares at a newly posted wanted poster. The poster depicts a murderer that’s WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE. Josh Randall […]