Common Sense Gun Control


 Common Sense Gun Control

Gun control is the ability to hit your target repeatedly in any circumstances. And rather than print the common Republican rant, we decided to come at this from hopefully a different perspective. History has proven many times that an unarmed populace can be turned into slaves of a tyrannical dictatorship and controlled or eliminated at will and we think that it can’t happen here for some reason.

Recent spree killings have prompted yet another round of politicians spouting off some more “feel good” gun control laws, meanwhile “we the people” who are not protected by armed security details are left out in the REAL WORLD trying to defend ourselves. I firmly believe that allowing lawful citizens to carry and protect themselves with a firearm reduces violent crime, and the FBI crime statics support this notion. 

I used to arrest people for unlawfully carrying a weapon which was a misdemeanor at the time, until the concealed carry law went into effect in my state.  When it happened I said to myself, “well at least the good guys will be able to defend themselves now.”  I never felt endangered when a licensed firearm carrier identified themselves to me on a traffic stop because I figured if they went to all the trouble to carry legally, I felt they wouldn’t be unlikely to harm a law enforcement officer.

We print GOOD NEWS, but we are not oblivious to the fact that evil exists in the world. People have been going to battle since God created the world. Thousands and perhaps even millions of times each year legal gun owners stop violent crime when confronted with it long before any police assistance arrives on the scene. (Untold numbers of crimes go unreported each year.)

What’s insane is people who think removing rights from responsible people will somehow keep them safe. Politicians can’t affect the behavior of criminals, they only think they have that kind of power.

I am no longer a full time police officer, but I maintain my reserve status and keep up my training to do so.  If you see me I will in all likelihood be armed and if someone needs my help, they will receive it. I feel that it’s my duty as a man and as a United States citizen. And I encourage all other law abiding honest citizens to legally carry a firearm and to do what you can to stop criminals.

Prison does not scare or stop criminals and it has no affect at all to stop the mentally ill. The only way to help stop the murder of our children and our neighbors is to maintain the right to own a gun to protect ourselves and each other. Some common sense might do wonders in this continuing battle to reduce gun violence.  Remember you can make a difference. Write to your elected officials and demand that they vote NO on any type of proposed law that limits your rights to protect yourself and your neighbor.

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That said, let’s look at some other facts.

• 1. Criminals will always find a way to get a gun if they want one. They DO NOT obey gun laws.

• 2. Legitimate gun ownership is a right guaranteed to United States citizens by the founding fathers in the 2nd amendment of the Constitution and was recently upheld by the SUPREME COURT of the United States of America.

• 3. Guns are inanimate objects. They have no heart or soul or free will. You can load them up and set them beside you on your desk and unless someone pulls the trigger, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. The man behind the gun determines how it’s used.

• 4. A demented person bent on killing helpless victims can kill with anything, a machete, a garden tool, or a simple match. Killers will find a way to kill. Cain killed Able with something, but it wasn’t a gun.

• 5. The protection of one’s life and/or property is the legal right and responsibility of every person in this country.

• 6. An armed society is composed of citizens of a country, an unarmed society become slaves to the leaders of that country.

Creating another gun law is like creating another drug law.

The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result.

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    • papa Ben
    • February 12, 2013

    I agree 100% with your editorial. However, I don’t believe anyone outside the military has any need for an assault or even a fully automatic rifle. The penalty for using a gun in a crime should be a flat 99 years. The insanity is that laws are not backed up by stiff penalties

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