Dating Is Like Shopping For Shoes

I’m sure you’ve more than likely heard the saying… if the shoe fits-wear it! Lets say you are looking for a certain pair of shoes. You saw this pair of shoes advertised somewhere, or maybe while window shopping, or maybe you saw them on someone else’s foot. You decide that you want this specific pair of shoes.

So you start looking everywhere for them. Not because you don’t have something you can wear on your feet that would work fine, but just because you want them. So you start to get impatient. You can’t find your size- but the store that carries the shoes has a pair either one size too big or one size too small. Both ways you can get the shoe on your foot, but neither shoe compliments your foot. Oh- they look good alright! You like the way they look BUT…

What others cant see is that these shoes are uncomfortable and even causing you pain. If you buy them you are either going to get blisters or be walking on crunched up toes all day. Are these shoes worth this? Wouldn’t it be more practical to wait for the shoes in your size, to have something right for you and not just have a pretty pair of shoes? A pair of shoes you can actually wear and be comfortable in? A pair of shoes that will be a good investment and not some that make you miserable?

Now reflect on your dating/relationship life. Have you ever felt like this shoe shopper, frantically searching for that certain someone? The person that looks, acts, and IS a certain way. Maybe you find what you are looking for, only that person is NOT your fit. Because it looks right- you stay in or keep pursuing them. You tell yourself that you can live the rest of your life with those blisters or feeling like you are walking on crunched up toes.

Do you think that maybe God could have something that you need-maybe in a different style, color, or size that would be a better fit for you? Something that would “fit your foot”? God would never send you a “shoe” that was causing you pain, confusion, or discomfort. You will know you have found your “shoe” because there will be peace about your purchase. You and your “shoe” will be a perfect fit. The “shoe” may not be perfect, but the fit will be! It might be a different style than you originally were searching for, but it will be something that will work for you … because it was created for you. God helps us, even when it comes to a mate.

Excerpt is from a new book by Mona Hodges called “Stories From Heaven”. It’s available now at You may contact the author at



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