Do You LOVE Your Grand Kids Really?

Did you vote for the best people to make your town, your county and your country a GOOD place for them to live in? Are you setting a GOOD example for them to follow in your footsteps? Can they count on you to help them become the very BEST person they can possibly be?

I ask because less than 60 people showed up to hear the candidates speak before the election in the City of Santa Fe… and 8 of them were candidates! For a city of 12,000, that doesn’t make it seem like a lot of loving grandparents live here. I thought grandparents, or at least people who were old enough to be grandparents, were the largest group of registered voters?

Do you REALLY love your grand kids or do you just love to show them off?

Anybody can do that. Aunts, uncles, and even some parents love to brag about how much they love the kids, but then they don’t take care of them. Really loving anyone always costs us something… time, effort, money, etc. Most of us love to spend money on children, but love is not money. See the rest of this story on page 3 as well as more GOOD NEWS by clicking the link below.

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