DRINKING LIFE a book review by Elizabeth Trahan Corey

Drinking Life

Keeper of the Water Trilogy

Part One

So on a whim, looking for a cheap read, I picked up this first title, Drinking Life. I have never read anything by this author in the past, but the blurb didn’t suck and it was cheap. I did not realize until I began it that it was technically a YA novel, which I do not generally enjoy. The writing style and content in YA’s is generally not to my liking. I stuck with it though, and am immensely pleased that I did. I ended up purchasing and reading the entire trilogy today, one book after the other. Drinking Life

Cons to this series:

There were some minor editing issues. Missing words here and there, incorrect usage of hear/here, their/there, etc. But not so common that it hindered my understanding of the writing, or so nagging as to pull me off the story line.

This guy is NOT a romance author.

If you picked up this book looking for some fantastical love story, this is not it. While the love triangle in the book is impactful, this is not this author’s strong suit.

The one re-occurring complaint that I had about this series was this: You have this strong Amazon character, who epitomizes both inner and outer strength. And you make her a blubbering ninny over this guy who repeatedly denounces her in public, while sweet talking her in private, explained away by inner monologues about how she just knows he is telling the truth when he talks to HER, and she just trusts him. Thankfully, the author did NOT focus heavily on the romance factor as the books moved along.

Pros to this series:

There were no vampires, werewolves or fairies. Thanks for that, I’m a bit burned out!

He did a wonderful job of integrating a wild concept into this book. Some may complain that the first book took too long to identify the Amazonian legends that are the basis of this series. I applaud the author. Had I known that that was what this book was going to be about from the get go, I would not have continued. He sucked me in wondering what the heck was going on, so that by the time he did introduce this far out there concept, it was too late for me and I had to buy the next book.

He never got on a pedestal about anything. He introduced all of these well known, crusading characters, and didn’t take the opportunity to preach on any of their causes. Being an avid reader, I find more and more authors using their novels to preach at me about things they support: being vegan, recycling, world peace….. none of which belongs in any of the genre’s that I read. I’m not after a self-help book, I want to be entertained!

The story line moved quickly. Very few down times, never thought to myself “Self, this book is boring, go do something else“. As I have the attention span of a goldfish, that is saying something.

There was no cookie cutter ending to this story. It was all set for the classic happy ever after (which I LOVE, don’t judge me!), and he ripped it right out of my hands, but in such a way that I didn’t mind so much.

The author built a fast paced, engaging, believable world and characters. The bad guy and motives were believable. The good guys and their motives were believable. AND the good guys were not saints (that happens too often).


Having John have to die, while it seemed almost hastily manufactured, appealed to the vindictive side of me that could never really believe that Zannia bought all of his crap so many times. Zannia had repeatedly had karma bite her in the hind parts throughout this book, so him getting off scot free might have bothered me had that happened. (Kudos to the author for realistically making all of his betrayals still occasionaly get the best of Zannia).

In hindsight, the guillotine might have been a bit much. If I stop and try to think logically about the logistics of it being built and set up and none of the sane, regular humans knowing about it and protesting (what else do you use a guillotine for except slaughtering people?), then it really bothers me that it was set up in an otherwise completely believable world. Buuuuut…… then I recall that I set out to read a fun, fantasy novel. All in all, the author did a fantastic job of that.

Overall, the series is great. Perfect? No. But pretty great. I’m off to check out Kevin George’s other series.

By. Elizabeth Trahan Corey … (Your Connecticut Connection)






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