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What would happen if we used sugar, salt, fat and meat as flavorings?

It’s a no brainer that all of these things are NOT particularly GOOD for us. However, the idea of completely doing away with any of them seems preposterous to me. People have used them for sustenance for centuries however, never in the copious amounts that they are available to us today. Moderation in every area of life seems to be the most sound advice I’ve ever heard, so we are going to do a little experiment on ourselves.

If you know us, you know that we are not in the best of health right now. Both of us are over weight, we both have high blood pressure and now I have diabetes. My husband’s brain tumor and deafness are actually no longer our biggest concern and that’s probably a good thing.

We aren’t big fans of the pharmaceutical industry. We also aren’t big fans of fad diets or diets at all for that matter. We want to do something that makes sense to us, so we are going to be our own guinea pigs.

We believe in quality of life over quantity, so we are going to try to eat, drink, work and play to feel better, not to lower our numbers. The worst thing that could possibly happen is going to happen sooner or later anyway. None of us get to go home before God is ready for us no matter what we do, so we don’t think we have anything to lose and everything to gain.

We are going to eat our salads with dressing on them, we will just use less. We will eat full fat versions of everything though and drink whole milk. It’s a known fact that fat free and light versions of things are full of unhealthy ingredients to make them taste better and yet people keep using them. I never have understood why. It’s like eating processed “health food”, what is that? If it’s processed, it can’t possibly be healthy too in my mind.

We have always used butter, not margarine, olive oil or canola oil and we will now season with “smaller amounts” of bacon or bacon grease and that won’t ever change. (We can use less fat, but you can’t take bacon completely away from this southerner, not even with the threat of death.)

We are going to try this common sense plan for the next few months and watch our numbers. (I’m talking about our weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers.) We are headed to California where the vegetables are plentiful and gorgeous, so this seems reasonable to us. We will keep you posted here in the magazine and if you follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll be able to see some of what we are eating as we go.

Editor’s Note: If you’d like to join us on this new lifestyle, you may do so at your own risk. We are not physicians, nor do we have any healthcare experience whatsoever. We are just two people trying to live the best life we can.

To see our sample Menus & Rules click HERE, they begin on page 8.

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