Excellent Product!

Have you tried brand after brand of CHORIZO sausage only to be disappointed? Well we’ve found a NEW one that is an excellent product!

Johnsonville makes brats, but now they have branched out and we think they have done so successfully. We’ve found this both in link form and ground form and both are good. We prefer the ground because although the product is excellent, it’s too strongly flavored to be eaten in sausage form for us. However, this is the BEST “Taco Soup” ingredient ever made in our opinion.

They have done all the hard work of getting the seasoning “just right” for us and all we do is add the rest of the ingredients. Kroger is the only place we have found it so far and it’s been in both the breakfast sausage/bacon location and in the link sausage case with the brats.  If you are tired of trying to find a good brand of chorizo, this stuff makes the best bowl of taco soup we’ve ever made.

Try it as soon as you can because I’m sure they are marketing it to see how well it sells and we want them to keep it on the shelves. It’s some really GOOD STUFF!


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