Finding Serenity This Year

Joy in Ironing… Really?

Serenity can be found in anything repetative. Ever wonder why men whittled and women did hand work (intricate embroidery, crochet, etc.) back in the day? I believe it’s because anything done mindlessly and repetitively gives us the sense of peace and relaxation we all crave. The difference between the older generation and the younger ones is that the older ones do something that needs doing and the younger ones tend to play games. And some of those games aren’t mindless, some of them further exacerbate the peace that’s missing from our lives.

If the mind is given the chance to calm down and rest and the hands are kept busy, serenity sets in. That’s why quilting, ironing and mowing the yard is so enjoyable for some people. They have learned a valuable secret. Until we can find something to do that allows us to “hear ourselves think”, we can’t listen or talk to God. Quilts are believed to be so special because the women who make them pray the entire time they work on them and the mere idea that anyone would pray for us that many hours takes our breath away. What we never think about is how much peace the quilter achieves while crafting her masterpiece.

It doesn’t have to be a hobby and no one irons anymore, but it can be as simple as boning a chicken, shelling pecans or even vacuuming. Most of us have roombas to do that for us now though. We don’t hang our clothes on the line or have to walk for water, but we can choose to do something that’s suits us. What doesn’t work is reading, watching TV and a lot of games. If you have to think about it, it won’t work. The purpose is the NOT THINKING. A few minutes of freedom from thinking will bring us the serenity we seek.

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