Glock Model #26 … 9mm

Glock #26

Glock Model #26 … 9mm  A concealed carry champion, law enforcement model.

Greetings fellow gun aficionados, I normally do NOT trade in my guns or sell them for that matter, but for some time I’ve had two Glock Model 19’s pistols in my little armory. One wears aftermarket ghost ring night sights and the other one is stone stock. I use the one with the ghost ring sights as a duty weapon, and it stays close to the bed in case someone or something goes bump in the night. The other one is not used for anything, so I decided to trade it off for a Glock 26, which is simply a smaller Glock 9mm.

White outline Fixed Rear Sight, and “Clip Draw” holster.

What led me to this choice is that several years ago, I had a baby Glock 27 in .40 caliber that I carried as an off duty gun for several years, and I really liked it. I qualified with it numerous times at my department, and it was lightweight and easy to shoot. One caveat to that statement is that it’s easy to shoot, if you’re in your prime and are used to shooting handguns all of the time. Now that I’ve gotten significantly older, I carry nothing but 9mm handguns for serious business, and occasionally I carry a S & W .380 Body Guard where proper etiquette in a social settings and hot Texas weather dictate you carry a small well concealed firearm. I gave this Glock Model #27 .40 caliber to my baby daughter when she graduated from the police academy to compliment her issue service weapon, a .40 caliber Glock #22.

Glock Nitrite Treatment on Barrel, and Slide, Fixed White Dot Front Sight

The LE Glock 26, Gen III pistol came with two ten round magazines. I noticed that inside of the magazine there is a steel lining. This is new to me because all my other Glocks are Gen I models and their magazines had no steel liners in the magazines. There was also a magazine loader included in this package. This loader makes loading the tenth round a little easier, but I could load the first nine rounds with only my thumb and fingers. After loading ten rounds, I pointed the muzzle in a safe direction, racked the slide and loaded up a round. I then removed the magazine and reloaded it to capacity with the magazine loader tool. Because of the previous Glock Model #27 that I owned, I already had a Miami Classic shoulder holster from Galco which I used to wear exclusively when I was in the Criminal Investigations Division, along with the mandated suit and tie. I also had a Galco leather ankle holster, which I gave to my daughter.

Polymer Frame reduces Weight, Finger Grooves and Stipled Grip aid Control.

I like to carry my off duty pistol on my left hip, gun butt forward in what they call the “Calvary Style”. I went to my computer and looked up the website for the holster system called Clip draw, This unique metal clip allows you to tuck your pistol into your waist band, and have it remain where your place it. I had one of these on my previous Glock #27 and it worked fine.

I can leave my shirt tail out of my blue jean shorts, and operate normally with the secure feeling my gun is not going to run down my pants leg and clatter across the floor. I’ve been using the clip draw for a very long time and I can wholeheartedly recommend it as a good way to carry a concealed weapon.

“It must be said that it’s not a fast draw holster, and if you’re not highly trained to keep your finger off the trigger, carry your Glock pistol with an EMPTY CHAMBER.”


Remember safety first.


The Glock pistol has what they call a “Safe Action System”. The GLOCK “Safe Action” System is made up of 3 independent, automatic safeties designed to ensure the pistol cannot fire unintentionally due to inertia or any impact. The trigger must be moved completely to the rear to deactivate these safeties. Once released, all 3 safety features reengage and the pistol is automatically secured again. This having been explained, what it all comes down to is having the mental capacity to always,



I recall that when Glock first hit the firearms market place that I wrongly believed they were made out of cheap plastic and probably wouldn’t hold up under rough use. The GLOCK, non-fiberglass, reinforced polymer frame helped revolutionize the handgun industry by delivering a new standard in high-impact resistance, durability, and extended life—all while reducing weight by a full 90%. Stronger than most metals, polymer is temperature neutral, requires less maintenance, and most users report substantially less felt recoil than with metal frames.

“The only thing guns have to fear is rust and politicians”.

This quote hangs over the gun rack at Shooters Corner, and it’s absolutely true. I have owned several different models of Glock pistols over the years, and I’ve never had any troubles with rust or malfunction with any of them. The polymer frame cannot rust, and the steel slide and all parts are coated with the Glock Nitrite Treatment. All GLOCK metal parts are treated with a Nitration finishing process that optimizes the molecular structure of those surfaces. This progressive technology delivers a high degree of surface hardness, maximum durability, and exceptional corrosion resistance that provides many years of trouble-free service under the harshest environmental conditions.

I did hear a story from a deputy sheriff from a neighboring county that said that his Glock pistol jammed on him during a gunfight with some home burglars. I talked to him for a while and I finally got him to admit that he was limp wristing his Glock #21 .45 ACP, and that caused a failure to feed jam.

NOTE: Most semi-auto pistols will eventually jam if there is NOT a strong hold on the grip to allow the slide to go all the way back and strip a new cartridge from the magazine.

In my 33 years as a Texas Peace Officer, I have never heard of another malfunction under fire of the Glock family of pistols.

Most successful semi-auto or full-auto pistols have great magazines. Cheap mass produced, poorly designed or unmaintained magazines have plagued pistol shooters for generations. Often overlooked, the magazine is one of the most critical components of a pistol. The GLOCK precision-made, stagger-column, high-capacity device is designed to reliably feed all ammunition types. Lightweight and strong, with a polymer shell enclosing a metal liner, this easy to disassemble magazine insert is engineered to be a strong and secure unit for outstanding performance.

Well I hope you enjoyed my review of my new Glock. I like it and carry it most of the time. Till next time, shoot safely, practice often, and always act in a legal manner. Also don’t forget to join the NRA

Shooters Corner, The Oldest Gun Shop in Galveston County.

Juniors Boy

p.s. Since this article was written I’ve added two Pearce Grip extensions Model PG-39 that holds two more rounds of 9mm ammo, and give me a place to rest my little finger when I grip the gun.  Ten (10) plus (2) plus (1) in the chamber makes for (13) rounds of 9mm power in a small package.

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