Having a BAD day? Here’s some help…

So here we are… and today is suddenly not so GOOD.

I don’t want to do all that I need to do. I don’t feel all that great and I’d really rather just forget about everything and take a nap. This happens to all of us… from time to time. We all have days that for whatever reason we either just get up feeling this way or we all of the sudden get depressed, in a crappy mood or just start having a bad attitude.

What about our Christianity now?

What are we supposed to do when this happens Lord?

You are doing it. You turn to Me. Turn away from your mood, your problems and even your bad attitude. Just ignore it all and pay attention to Me and Me alone. Are you feeling My peace return? Look harder until it does. Do you see the joy that looking at Me brings? You really have nothing to worry about anyway, I’ve got this. I’ve got your whole life in the palm of my hand.

Think about it… whatever is wrong, I can fix it.

The trick is to stop focusing on the problem and focus on Me. The problem, whatever it is, then has to take a back seat.

  • In pain… look at Me.

  • In trouble… look at Me.

  • Worried… look at Me.

  • In a bad mood… look at Me.

I fix everything. I have overcome the world. Look at Me, talk to Me and thank Me, because whatever it is… I’m aware of it and I’ve got it all under control.

Look at Me…

I am in everything that is beautiful.

Listen to music or look at creation. Hear Me in laughter. See My face in the eyes of a child. Look for Me, I am everywhere. See Me in art, flowers, food and sunsets. Look at Me anytime you get in a bad mood. I am the answer to every problem you will ever have.

Think about Me, not yourself.

You always have a choice to make…

Go back to thinking about how you feel OR obey Me and keep your focus on Me. I will take good care of you as I promised, but you have to do what I tell you to do.

Follow Me.

Train yourself to look at Me when you are having a bad day. It’s called discipline, it’s a GOOD thing I created for you and it will help you!

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