I Have Made Up My Mind

I’m going to live the abundant life Jesus
died for me to have.

My  parents  lived  a  miserable life.  They  were  always  mad,  sad  or complaining  about
something.  I  don’t remember  ever  seeing  them  happy.  I don’t  know  if  they  were  saved  or
not, but they sure didn’t act like it and it’s too late to ask. When I got cancer (back when it was an
automatic death sentence) I made up my mind I would finish my life differently than they did

I made a promise to God that if He would give me the chance, I would seek Him until I had the
abundant life He promised us all, the one that they never got.

I backslide from time to time – but I keep pressing on. I’m determined that I’m going to have it,
live it, share it and shout it from the rooftops for the rest of my life. His sacrifice will not be
in vain for me. Jesus paid a high price for me  to  have  it…  and  to  me  it  would  be  a slap
in his face for me not to enjoy it.

My  life  is  not  all  peaches  and cream, but the joy, peace and love that my parents  never 
had,  I  do  have.  I  probably have  it  because  I  made mind  to believe it was available.

Lynn Dale


Tags: Letters to My Children

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