I Like What I See

I see your work.
You  have  to  work  if  you  want  to  eat,  but  it doesn’t have to be all drudgery like some people make it out to be. You don’t struggle much anymore and I’m glad about that. Labor is meant to be a precious gift even though  it  requires  effort.  It  is  honorable  to  earn  your keep and to provide for yourself and others.

I see your love.
It’s shining through. You may not feel like it is, but I can see it. You’re still trying too hard, but relaxation will come when you learn to lean on Me more. Love is not  always  the  easy  choice, but  it  is  always  the  right choice.

I see what you are giving.
I know it seems like small amounts, but they all add up. You don’t realize how much you give in a day. You  also  don’t  realize  that  when  you  give  away, you must restock. That means having some fun, getting more rest and receiving more of My love to give away. You have to realize how much I love you. It’s not because you’re so good, because you’re not. I love you because I want to and even though you want to give more, you can’t unless you receive more.

I see the mercy you’ve shown.
You have to restock that too. I see your mistakes, i.e. (I know what you did last summer and yesterday). Every time you even think about staying mad, remember I forgave you. I know it’s hard, but encourage yourself, I like what I see!


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