I Saw What Happened

Remember my love endures forever, I have not abandoned you. This is only temporary…the lives you live here.

I know the plans I have for you and they are good plans. You can choose to believe that and you won’t suffer near as much or nearly as long. Or you can choose not to believe me and if that’s your choice, then I can’t help you. I want to help you. I want to ease your suffering, but you have to choose to let me. You have to choose to read what I’ve said and believe it. I can offer you water, but I won’t make you drink it.

Right now you’re thirsty, drink. My words will apply salve to your wounds. My words will make your burdens lighter and heal you. And my words will ease your grief. I hear your prayers and cries and I want to help you. I’ve always wanted to help you. Sometimes things seem to be more than you can bear, but you can bear them and I’ll help you if you let me.

I have put all you need within your reach. Reach out and take what I am offering.

There are people who have my hands to help you. There are people with my funds to assist you. There are people with my heart to love you through this time. I’ve sent you all the help you need to ease your way.

I do love you. Don’t throw that love away when you need it so badly right now.


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