I’m Tired of Wasting Food…

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We waste so much food it’s too embarrassing to be honest about it here, but I’m going to SHARE what we are doing to try to cut down on all that we waste.

Our Answer?

Menus. Yes, I know how simple that sounds, but so far it’s working for us because we are making them out of the ingredients we have “that are going bad”. I’ve just started taking an inventory of what we have and rather than playing “Chopped” an hour before dinner which I find stressful for some reason – we look at the list and create a few menus at a time.

It’s Working For Us.

It’s working because it’s very flexible and we need that. Our appetites vary and we always have leftovers. So if we make a few days worth of menus, it actually lasts and makes about a week’s worth of cooked meals for us. It’s also working because it eliminates all the guesswork. I’ve been cooking so long now that I just need a meal plan. I can cook anything, but I can’t cook off the top of my head anymore. I guess that stage is over for me, but this is working so we are gonna run with it.

How We Did It…

We listed everything in the refrigerator and pantry that wasn’t a staple.

Blueberries Fish Acorn Squash Butternut Squash Green Onions Cauliflower Bacon Radishes Carrots Tomatoes Yogurt Cottage Cheese & Jalapeno Deer Sausage.

Then we added our staples.

Eggs Rice Bread Jello Pinto Beans Cornmeal & Cheese.

These are our MENUS for this week.

Pinto Beans, Sausage & Rice

Cheesy Cauliflower, Bacon & Rice soup with green onions

Roasted Radishes, Carrots & Green Onions with Sausage

Baked Fish, Acorn Squash and Pinto Beans

*Egg Dishes are a staple for us… Deviled, omelets, sandwiches, fried rice or on a stack of pancakes or pretty much anything.

And for snacks we have:

Cottage Cheese and sliced Tomatoes OR Cottage Cheese & Blueberries OR Cottage Cheese & Jello.

We haven’t thrown away anything this week so far and I’m not stressed about what to cook, so I think it’s working!

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