It’s Not ALL Rose Petals and Sunshine on the Road

We just thought we would like to take this opportunity to clarify what life on the road is really like.

Hello from Gloucester Virginia!

We arrived at a beautiful campground not far from Chesapeake Bay on a Thursday and found us a spot right by the pond. It was glorious for one day… then the neighbors moved in. We had a front row seat in a huge site, (huge because there was no one parked in the one in front of us) overlooking not only the pond, but also the road circling around it so we could see everything going on around us too. We knew we were taking a chance that when the weekend people came someone could park in the site next door, but we would still have a pretty good view because they would be perpendicular to us.

Not these folks…

They move in on Friday and don’t park the way the site is set up for them to park. They move the picnic table and fire ring and park parallel to us because they are too big to fit in the site perpendicular. They literally set up 10 feet away from our large living room window and blocked the entire view of the pond, except what you see in the tiny side window photo. And usually the weekenders leave on Sunday, but not them – they will be here all week with us. The only consolation we have is that if they choose to eat outside, they have to do so over their sewer line which they had to run under their RV into their front yard.

It is literally right under their feet if they choose to use their outdoor kitchen, however given all this rain it’s doubtful they will use it very much. We just wanted to share with you that life on the road has just as many ups and downs as life at home did.

The Professional Tourists

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