It’s OK That You’re NOT OK

This is the BEST book about grief that I’ve ever read!

Megan Devine knows what it’s like to grieve and she shares her wealth of knowledge in this awesome book. If you’ve loved and lost… this book will both comfort and teach you coping skills you’re going to need at some point if you wish to survive your loss and come out on the other side.

Read part of it to see if you like it or to order it here from AMAZON.

Here’s a few great excerpts:

“I used to bristle at the word tribe. It’s Internet New Age speak, and I always hate that stuff. But having lived this myself, having found my own people, and having created places for people to find each other, I can’t argue with the word. We are a tribe. The Tribe of After. After death, after loss, after everyone else has moved along, the fellowship of other grievers remains.”

Love is the Only Thing that Lasts

“We grieve because we love. Grief is part of love.

There was love in this world before your loss, there is love surrounding you now, and love will remain beside you, through all the life that is yet to come. The forms will change, but love itself will never leave. It’s not enough. And it’s everything.

Survival in grief lies in finding the connection between the life that was and the life that has been thrust upon you.

It’s OK that You’re not OK; You’re not Meant to be OK

I think we often believe that leaning on love will fix things, like it’s some mythical medicine that removes all pain, negates all hardship. That has never been love’s role. Love is brutal at times. It asks more of you than you can give. A lot of everything here, a lot of this work-of-grief, is about being strong enough to bear the weight of what love asks of you.”

“It’s your life. The one you must make in the obliterated place that’s now your world, where everything you used to be is simultaneously erased and omnipresent… The obliterated place is equal parts destruction and creation.” ~ Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things

Moving Forward Together

“I know it isn’t enough, this book, these words. Nothing can actually make this OK for you. My hope is that you’ve found companionship here, and that the exercises and practices in this book help you live the life that has been asked of you.

Acknowledgment is everything, and so I end this love letter to you where we began: I’m so sorry you have need of this place, and I’m so glad you’re here. It’s OK that you’re not OK. Some things cannot be fixed. They can only be carried. May this book help you carry what is yours.” ~ Megan Divine

Editor’s Note:

We are not paid for any of our reviews, therefore we are not obligated in any way to say things that are not true. This is a very good book! If you know someone who is grieving – this would be a great gift. And reading it before you give it away will help you understand what they are going through so much better and enable you to be much more helpful to them. 


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