Jack Ryan

When was the last time you waited in line to see a blockbuster movie? With each tick of the clock, the tension rises and your apprehension increases exponentially. When it finally comes out you are riveted to your seat, iPhone in hand, waiting for the action to start. That was my feeling for Tom Clancy’s NEW Jack Ryan.

Rating A+

Audience: 13+

Genre: Action 

The lead is played by hunky actor John Krasinski (Jack Ryan) and he gets into all kinds of international mischief. Jack is a marine veteran with a storied past who is currently working as a financial analysis for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Evil exists in the world and Jack spends his time looking at computer screens determining how these terrorists move dirty money around through shell companies to clean it. Jack located a 9.3 million dollar money transfer money with unknown origins and a nefarious destination (suspected terrorists) in the Middle East. This sets off a chain of horrific terrorist events that brings Jack face to face with a vile terrorist that has thus far escaped the intense scrutiny of the CIA intelligence community.

Various seemingly unrelated events occur that lead Jack and his team around the world looking for clues as to the purpose for the money and the intent of the terrorists. In the midst of terrorist hunting Jack finds a love interest and has to deal with her curiosity about what he actually does for a living. The attraction is strong between these two and it’s a quandary whether or not they can work it out. If I told you any more than this there would be no reason to watch the mini-series, so I’ll stop here.

This movie is now showing on Amazon Prime.

Watch the trailer HERE…

I’m a Tom Clancy fan, so I really liked this mini-series and watched all ten episodes back to back. The twists and turns made it interesting and there was just enough sex, explosions, violence, intrigue, and downright good acting to make it interesting. It never lags and I feel like my readers will enjoy it as much as I did. Till next time remember I’ll be out here watching shows for you and the reviews of only the good ones will continue.

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