Life From God’s Perspective…

This is your life, like it or not, the choice is yours.

You can be happy about it or you can fight against it and be miserable.

Stop waiting for some sign or accomplishment or epiphany, this is it! You are where you are and your country is where it is and you’ve got a choice to make… do what I told you or not? I told you to focus on everything that is of good report. I told you to cheer up and to do everything with your whole heart and that includes living your life. Not the one you wish you had, not the one you are striving towards, this life, the one you have today because it’s special too, it’s yours.

Being happy is a choice, just like loving is a choice, it’s no different than choosing what flavor pie to order, you choose it. The only difference is you have to discipline yourself to love the spouse or child that gets on your nerves, but you do get to immediately consume the pie.

Love your life, I gave it to you for you to enjoy.                                                    

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