Life is What You Make Of It / Money Won’t Change That!

We all have the same number of hours in a day to do with what we will. We choose our jobs, friends, hobbies and where we are going to live.

For years I drove past a trailer park on my way to work and wondered what my trailer would look like if I lived there? Would I have a nice patio set with a big loud striped umbrella sitting in my yard or one of the junk cars like several of them do?

Would I have a large deck

built with a flowerbed in the front and a garden in the back? That would suit me. Oh, I would also need a screened in porch. If for some reason I needed to move there, I would do the best I could with it to make it as comfortable and to my liking as I could. Why? Because it would be a big part of my life, it would be my home. See the rest of the story on page 8 at this link.

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