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We invite you to look over our shoulders and have a front row seat to see this adventure as it unfolds…

The “View From Here” is meant to be a saga about how “life on the road” really is. It’s basically a written reality show with some awesome photos, starring two very unlikely campers. Unlikely, mainly because neither of us are the “outdoorsy” type. At the first sign on the trail about “Lyme disease” – I’m done hiking. I figure if they feel the need in Ohio to put up huge billboards and 8 foot signs, there must be lots of ticks. (I have walked on a trail since, but you won’t find me getting off the trail, ever again.) As I said, we’re not really outdoorsy people.

And we are not youngins, but we are not near old enough to do this either, which is why we are writing about it. We kind of fell into it.

Here’s a snapshot of what happened.

My husband got sick (like the flu) and suddenly one morning he couldn’t hear anymore on one side. Numerous doctors visits later, we determined he had developed a vestibular schwannoma, which is basically a slow growing brain tumor. It caused his deafness and it effects his balance because of the nerve it’s on. 

Only .04 percent of the population gets these, so very little is known because there has been virtually no research done. We decided that brain surgery with no guarantee of regaining his balance and absolutely no possibility of regaining his hearing seemed very risky with very little hope of accomplishing anything.

With no treatment and no hope of his hearing returning, his career in law enforcement was over, so we needed a new plan. We still owed 18 years on our house and with all the inflation since the recession, we knew we wouldn’t be able to afford to stay in it for long. The long story shortened is… we sold the house, bought a new 33 foot travel trailer and hit the road to travel for as long as we possibly can.

 We believe that everything happens for a reason and if this hadn’t happened, my husband would have worked until he died. He loved it, but he also loved to travel and so do I. So we have no idea how long this journey will last, but we are doing it!

So, we are going to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you and anyone else who wants to know.  

It’s very exciting, but…

We realize we are getting to do something that many people never get the opportunity to do and we want to share it. We want to encourage others to do this or to live their dreams, whatever they are. This just happens to be our dream. We do always focus on the GOOD STUFF in this magazine, but we want to be very honest in this column, because there’s already too much fake information being put out about this lifestyle. We know this, because we saw it in our research. We want to be honest because this life is definitely not for everyone, it’s not all peaches and cream anymore than any other lifestyle is. We didn’t just jump in, we have history together… lot’s of it.

We basically travelled America and lived together on the road for 8 years in a pickup truck delivering products for a living. We knew we could survive together inside 33 feet because it’s way bigger than the backseat of a truck and we have 41 years of living history together. That part didn’t scare us, however selling everything we owned… now that part was scary, very scary, but I’ll save that for later.  

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