LOVE … it’s NOT a Fairytale

I know my parents loved us as much as they were capable of.

I know this because as I’ve gotten older I have realized that they really didn’t know how to love. I know they didn’t, because I don’t. They didn’t teach me. Children learn what they live and love – real love- unconditional love was never modelled for my parents or for us and I didn’t model it for my own children either.

As hard as that is to admit – it’s true. People do the best they can. I did the best I could to raise my children better than I was raised. And I loved them as much as I was capable of loving them.

Things like mercy and grace and unconditional love are foreign concepts to people until they are exposed to them. It’s one of the things that makes the Bible so hard to swallow for so many. (The concept of being Christlike seems so impossible to people who don’t know what real unconditional love is.)

Anyone loving us and being so good to us seems like a fairytale if you’ve not experienced it from your parents or other people. But the Good News is… we can learn new things!

Unconditional love  is  real,  it’s not a fairy tale. I know that now because I’ve seen it.  I  am learning  more  about love every day and every day, I am loving more and more people. Once we see love and grace and mercy modelled for us, and we can learn that it is possible to grow to become Christlike.  (It  doesn’t  happen  overnight, but it no longer seems so impossible.)

We  can learn to love each other unconditionally, but I think it is a learned
behavior for some of us.

Lynn Dale

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