Mark Twain Roughing It

This modern depiction is a hoot! Anyone who read Mark Twain’s work and liked it will find this little mini-series (three hours) a delightful comedy.

Rating A

Audience: 13+

Genre: Action/Comedy

Now Showing: On Amazon Prime

It begins with Sam Clemons aka: Mark Twain, James Garner putting on his Sunday best suit to go make a speech. For some reason he’s nervous about this particular speech and receives loving reassurance from his doting wife, Jill Eikenberry who plays Mrs. Samuel Clemons. The interaction between these two veteran actors is cute as the play off of each other as an old married couple might in real life.

Turns out that Sam has to give the commencement address at his daughter’s college graduation exercise. Mr. Twain tells the story of when he set off for the untamed West in his early twenties with his older brother. He tagged along because he hadn’t yet decided what he wanted to do with his life.

Young Sam Clements is aptly portrayed by actor (Robin Dunne) and “is about the greenest white man the West has ever seen” (his words). He is extremely gullible and amazed by everything he sees. He imagines that he can just take his backpack and start walking from Carson City Nevada, where the stage coach line stops, and walk all the way to the California gold fields.

Needless to say this plan doesn’t work out and he has many harrowing adventures along the way.

This is a great father/son movie and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Junior’s Boy

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