Morro Bay, CA

The world famous California Coast is the home of beach babes, surfers dudes, and the beautiful Pacific shoreline and what drew us to the West Coast in the first place.  While we were exploring the coastline approximately halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, we decided to visit Morro Bay. We were pleasantly surprised with all of the animals and scenery we found at this location.

Morro Bay is a coastal city and its known for Morro Rock, an ancient volcanic mound at the end of Morro Rock Beach.

When we first pulled up to Morro Rock Park, we noticed there were numerous people there in RVs. As we got out of the truck there were little long tailed rodents running everywhere and I managed to get a couple of them to pose for me. Apparently people have been feeding them regularly as they seem to have no fear of humans.

Morro Rock juts skyward out of the Pacific waters for 581 feet and presents a striking backdrop against the blue Pacific waters and foamy waves crashing into its base. The waves were running four to six feet and there were surfers galore. Some were riding the waves and some appeared to be just drinking the ocean, watch the video here…


Almost everywhere we looked there were people carrying surfboards either going to or coming out of the ocean. There was even a mobile school for surfers holding a class there, apparently it’s a big deal here. It was quite cool on the shore, so I assume the water was cold despite it being June, because they were all wearing black wet suits. There were no swimsuits to be seen here dang it.

We also saw a pod of harbor seals playing around near the shoreline which were quite cute. I wonder if Orcas (killer whales) come into this neighborhood since seals are their main food source? Wonder if the surfers here have any fear of Orcas? (I find I wonder about a lot about strange things in these locations far from our home.)

We hung around about an hour snapping photos, videos and watching the surfers trying to ride the waves. It’s a very scenic area and I managed to catch a really photogenic lady just sitting alone on a park bench enjoying the lovely view.

After that we rode through the little coastal town of Morro Bay and enjoyed the sights. The roads were somewhat narrow and I was glad we didn’t have the travel trailer with us. This is a quaint little tourist town with eateries on both sides of the road and curio shops interspersed in between.

We made our way back as darkness approached and as we drove along PC-1, I noticed an abundance of RV parks which were almost all full. Apparently this area also caters to folks that enjoy riding ATV’s on the sand dunes, as we saw several ATV rental places along our route. We enjoyed the water and the scenery a lot, but we’ll plan to come in a warmer month next time.

Till next time we wish you safe travels and happy camping.

Junior’s Boy

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